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Using Twitter App Card and Install Links

Twitter App Card

It’s great news twitter has added a new set of tweet cards. Of interest to us were the app cards to promote our own applications. This new card looks really exciting showing the app icon, link, name, price, description and

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Condense Twitter Timelines With Fynch

Fynch for Android

There are dozens of Twitter clients on the market now that perform much of the same functionality. A new client add on, Fynch stands out from the crowd by promising to deliver your timeline in a more intelligent way. Fynch

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Tweet from Beyond The Grave


There are a few eternal questions that haunt humanity: Is there a point to life? Who are we? Are we alone in the universe? And of course, what happens to my Twitter feed when I die? Facebook profiles can become

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Vine Review

Vine (free) available for iPhone. The new social video service Vine has been creating a sensation recently. We’re all questioning the need for another social network in our lives. Is there a need for another Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, not

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Twitter Beautifully with Plume

I need a Twitter app with power. Between multiple accounts, multiple devices, saved searches, and thousands of tweets to read through each day, I’m closer to being a power user than anything else. And the official Twitter client has always felt like training wheels to me. Plume is indispensable to my daily workflow; I can’t […]

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