Crowdsourced Stock Market Advice With Robinhood

Latest story Robinhood is slick new social investment app recently released for iPhone by Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt. Both have previously excelled with their joint algorithmic trading companies Celeris and Chronos Research. While working here they felt they had found a gap in the market for consumer investing. The goal of...Read More »

Fieldrunners 2 for Android

Latest story Fieldrunners has been a very popular tower defense game for SubAtomic Studios on Mobile and PC, they followed that up with the even better Fieldrunners 2 which has been available via Steam and on iPhone/iPad for the past few months. Now the wait is nearly over for Android users as...Read More »

Twilight Circadian Rhythm Control

Latest story If you’ve ever felt that stabbing pain in your eye balls when you pick up your phone or tablet late at night to check a notification then Twilight is an app to try out. Twilight goes further than existing auto brightness control apps by filtering out blue light from your...Read More »


Latest story Epoch from Uppercut Games takes us to a desolate future civilisation patrolled by fighting machines. A long dormant robotic soldier is tasked to find the one human it was assigned to protect. You must follow echoes of the lost civilisation in a visually stunning post-apocalyptic world where only robots survive...Read More »

Condense Twitter Timelines With Fynch

Latest story There are dozens of Twitter clients on the market now that perform much of the same functionality. A new client add on, Fynch stands out from the crowd by promising to deliver your timeline in a more intelligent way. Fynch uses data mining to identify and notify you of interesting patterns...Read More »

Zombies Run! - Review

Latest story Running is such a great way to keep fit but not all of us have the persistence of motivation to keep going. Enter Zombies, Run!, a fitness app that promises to keep you running in fear of the hungry brain eating zombies hot on your heels available for Android, iOS...Read More »

Access Shared Desktops with Mikogo

Latest story Screen sharing apps such as Mikogo can be useful for all kind of tasks by allow screen sharing between all kinds of devices, ideal for business and personal users on the move. While remote access tools make it possible to control a computer from an phone or tablet, you might well...Read More »


Latest story Cyto puts you in control of the world’s cutest piece of cytoplasm. A smiling, blinking, blue amoeba missing its memories and desperately searching for its friends and family. As usual in the puzzle platform genre, it’s all a thinly veiled excuse to fling, stick, and drop your way through...Read More »

Joe Danger

Latest story Joe Danger, the World’s Most Determined Stuntman is back and better than ever. As iOS devices grow more and more popular as a gaming platform, we have started to see developers crafting their old console games into new, touchscreen friendly softwares. Joe Danger is no exception. After three years of gracing...Read More »

Movie Mate Pro

Latest story Movie Mate Pro is a simple yet informative app that helps you keep track of all kinds of informatiom about movies. The first thing you’ll notice about Movie Mate Pro is how clean the interface is. It follows Google’s guidelines for designing apps and employs the Holo theme. There are...Read More »

Real Boxing

Latest story Real Boxing made it’s debut back in November 2012 on iPad. It’s expected for release soon on Android. Much of the excitement also comes from what we’ve seen of Project Shield from Nvidia, a handheld game console powered by Android. In boxing a truly great fight is a demonstration of the...Read More »

Vine Review

Latest story Vine (free) available for iPhone. The new social video service Vine has been creating a sensation recently. We’re all questioning the need for another social network in our lives. Is there a need for another Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, not when Pinterest, LinkedIn and even the new MySpace want a piece...Read More »

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