Neon Live Wallpapers Relaunch

Latest story We launched our Neon Live Wallpapers back in January, however things didn’t go as hoped. Reviews we’re not favorable and it seemed people just didn’t dig it. We pulled these versions and took a long hard look at what was missing. The biggest problem seemed to be the need for a...Read More »

Using Twitter App Card and Install Links

Latest story It’s great news twitter has added a new set of tweet cards. Of interest to us were the app cards to promote our own applications. This new card looks really exciting showing the app icon, link, name, price, description and rating. Sadly the app cards aren’t currently available for auto approval....Read More »

What Are We Doing With Mobile?

Latest story Last week an interesting set of slides appeared on Business Insider taken from the IGNITION: Mobile conference that took place on March 21 in San Francisco. The deck was produced by Henry Blodget and the team at BI Intelligence, a research and analysis service focused on mobile computing and the...Read More »

InMobi App Publish First Look

Latest story It came as great news that InMobi are now offering an Android app publishing service that allows distribution across hundreds of appstores globally. InMobi App Publish allows developers to instantly submit apps to 130+ unique appstores in just a few clicks. App downloads and revenue can then be tracked across...Read More »

Android Cold Start Data Breach

Latest story German security researchers have found that freezing an Android phone can allow an attacker access to contact lists, browsing histories and photos. The team got around Androids encryption system protecting it by freezing phones for an hour. Google introduced the data scrambling system with the version of Android known as...Read More »

The Smart Watch Is Back!

Latest story It’s interesting to see just how tiered our gadget ecosystem has become in size all the way down from the Desktop/TV to laptops, tablets and phones. The Android OS has even found it’s way onto a few cars and cameras, in 2013 things are getting smaller still. I’ve been following the...Read More »

Kindle Fire Bricked!

Latest story   The Amazon Kindle Fire has been a raging success over the last few years due to its fairly low price. This has made the device popular with the Android Mod community keen to get the latest features from the latest Android OS onto the device. This is achieved via a...Read More »

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