OUYA Launches To Kickstarter Backers

Latest story The Ouya Android based games console has launched to Kickstarter backers. The rest of us will still be waiting until it hits retailers on June 4th. Ouya is looking to capitalise on a growing popularity of cheap, independently produced games at a fraction of the cost of traditional console games...Read More »

Facebook Phone - Is It Real?

Latest story Update 5/4/13: The Stock market seems to LIKE Facebook Home. Update 4/4/13: Techcruch has covered everything you need to know about Facebook Home. There were shreds of truth however in most of the rummors below regarding official devices and forking Android. Facebook will unveil its latest push into the mobile world on...Read More »

Iron Man 3 Official Game Announced

Latest story Gameloft have officially announced they will release the game version of Iron Man 3 on April 25th, a couple of weeks before the movie. The game is built around an endless runner similar to a few of their other titles. As the trailer below shows expect lots of flying and...Read More »

Preview Apps Online with AppSurfer

Latest story AppSurfer have recently launched a new kind of app discovery service which allows you to try apps directly within a web browser prior to install. This is especially handy for PC/Laptop users allowing quick browsing of a number of apps and games. No more lost time in downloading and uninstalling...Read More »

iPhone 6 Rumor Time

Latest story Rumor time again, after the launch of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 so far in 2013 Apple is in desperate need of working some of its old magic. The iPhone 5 appeared to be too little too late from Apple, not that it wasn’t very popular with consumers....Read More »

Dead Trigger 2 Teaser

Latest story Android Community managed to get a quick look at Dead Trigger 2 in action at the GTC GPU Technology Conference. NVIDIA were showing off tons of awesome Tegra 4 supported games running on their new Project SHIELD game console. MadFinger Games launched Dead Trigger last year and brought first-person-zombie shooters to...Read More »

Draw Something 2 - Coming Soon

Latest story Draw Something was a massive success over a year ago for developer OMGPOP drawing millions of users in just a few weeks. It’s popularity got the attention of Zynga who bought the company for $180 million. Sadly things didn’t go so well after that as users stopped playing the game...Read More »

Doodle Jump Updated - Now Free

Latest story Doodle Jump has sold over 100 million copies between the AppStore and Google Play. Even when it was released a few years back it wasn’t the most beautiful game graphically, however it’s addicting game play more than made up for that. Doodle Jump is now getting even better thanks to...Read More »

Gun Bros 2

Latest story Back in January this year Glu Mobile announced that a sequel to their popular title Gun Bros would be launching some time in the future. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long as Glu Mobile has recently launched the sequel. Gun Bros 2 is complete with multiplayer functionality on its...Read More »

More iWatch Mockups

Latest story Designer Martin Hajek has done a set of mock ups of the Apple iWatch for the upcoming issue of MacUser magazine (via Gizmodo). He has imagined more traditional materials for Apple’s much rumored watch product using a scaled back version of iOS and is reminiscent of the sixth-generation iPod nanos. Edgar...Read More »

Shadowrun Returns

Latest story Shadowrun has its roots as a pen and paper RPG that later found itself on both the Nintendo SNES and Sega Genesis. Shadowrun Returns is shaping up to be everything Shadowrun fans have been waiting for, in large part due to the fact that Jordan Weisman is leading the indie...Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4

Latest story Samsung has launched its new Galaxy S4 smartphone which allows users to control its 5in screen using only their eyes. At a lavish, Broadway-themed event in New York, the company also demonstrated the phone’s ability to take two different pictures at once. Analysts widely regard Samsung to be the biggest...Read More »

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