Google Glass News Updates

Latest story Google Glass has been in the hands of developers for a little over two weeks and news stories have been coming in thick. The initial geek stigma has been overbearing with the new Glasshole term emerging. As we see Glass like products reach deeper into society our perceptions and acceptance...Read More »

Getting Started With Google Glass

Latest story Google has just posted a video on the basics of how to use Glass. We’ve seen many videos of people wearing glass and describing it to us but this is the first video to give a fair perspective on what the user is actually seeing and how to navigate. Sadly...Read More »

New GameStick Promo Video

Latest story A new promotion video has just been released for GameStick. The launch of the new $79.00 microconsole the size of a usb stick has been delayed by a couple of months to but we should see it by summer early. You can pre-order GameStick now. ...Read More »

GlassesOff an App To Improve Eyesight

Latest story In late 2011 Ucansi Inc announced GlassesOff an app to improve age related vision deterioration from Presbopia – farsightedness. The app has now been through extensive Beta testing and is due to be released soon. Presbyopia is a condition ubiquitous of those above forty. As we age the lenses in...Read More »

Iron Man 3 from Gameloft

Latest story As the Iron Man 3 movie approaches cinemas Gameloft have released the official game today for Android and iOS. The Iron Man 3 game is an endless runner fighting foes across Malibu Shores, New York City and China. Four epic villains must be confronted from the Iron Man comics: Crimson...Read More »

Fieldrunners 2 for Android Now Available

Latest story Fieldrunners 2 is available for Android starting today! We did a review a few weeks ago of the Beta version. We we’re a little disappointed to see it going in as a paid app rather than freemium. On the plus side this means no adverts or annoying limitations on game...Read More »

Google Glass Now Shipping To Lucky Few

Latest story Those in the US lucky enough to be accepted for the Google Glass Explorer Edition won’t have to wait much longer for their hefty $1500 smart specs. Google has announced the first batch are complete and will be shipped hot off the production line. Glass Pioneers will be notified in...Read More »

Twilight Circadian Rhythm Control

Latest story If you’ve ever felt that stabbing pain in your eye balls when you pick up your phone or tablet late at night to check a notification then Twilight is an app to try out. Twilight goes further than existing auto brightness control apps by filtering out blue light from your...Read More »

Burner - Disposable Numbers

Latest story Burner, the disposable phone number service has just launched for Android. It debuted on iPhone last year as a paid app, but this version too has been updated. There are a whole lot of situations where a disposable number comes in handy, for example when selling online, dating or for...Read More »

Evernote 5 Released for Android

Latest story Evernote 5 has been available on iOS for a few months, now it’s time for a refresh of the Android version. With a completely refreshed design and great new features, it’s easier than ever to remember everything with your Android phone or tablet. Capture memories with multi-shot camera – Snap multiple...Read More »

New Twitter Card To Promote Apps

Latest story Twitter has released and updated version of its Android and iOS client app with a few new features. As detailed on their developer blog, new card types are being introduced to close the loop between content creation, discovery and apps. New cards are now available for products, apps and galleries....Read More »

Happy 40th Birthday Mobile

Latest story It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood thriller, on April 3rd 1973 Martin Cooper, senior engineer at Motorola made a call from the prototype DynaTAC in New York. The call was made to a rival colleague Joel Engel head of research at Bell Labs to announce “he was speaking...Read More »

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