World War Z Game Coming Soon

Latest story In just a couple of days we should see the release of the tie-in game to the World War Z movie starring Brad Pit and lots… of Zombies. The game is set for release on May 30th on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The movie is based on...Read More »

Focus: Overclock Your Brain!

Latest story continues the recent trend of sticking electronics on your head along with Melon and Google Glass. The company recently announced they will be shipping their tDCS gaming headset towards the end of July 2013. You may have read reports in the media over the past few months of studies...Read More »

Google IO 2013 - What We Got!

Latest story This years Google IO 2013 keynote started off on a similar theme to previous years charting the rise of Android to a mighty 900 Million activations. However, that’s were the similarities ended, no neat new hardware, Android features or even skydivers were announced. This years keynote was aimed very much...Read More »

Apple App Store Reaches 50 Billion Downloads

Latest story Apple have been running a special odometer page in the run up to the 50 Billionth app download. Apple says that its customers have been downloading more than 800 apps per second at a rate of over 2 billion apps per month on the App Store. On Wednesday just before...Read More »

Google IO 2013

Latest story We are now in final countdown to Google IO 2013. We’ve been hearing quite a lot of rumours on the final run up. This years event will be developer focused and no new major devices are expect to be announced. We will be waiting till the autumn to hear more...Read More »

Can't Concentrate - Try Wearing A Melon on Your Head

Latest story Biofeedback is gaining a lot of momentum recently with the Jawbone Up and Fitbit flex activity monitors now reaching market. The next frontier is the mind and a couple of companies are preparing mainstream devices for release this year. The Zeo Sleep manager has been around for a couple of...Read More »

Nvidia Shield Pre-Orders Now Available

Latest story Pre Orders have just been announced for Nvidia’s Tegra 4 Android powered handheld gaming system Project Shield. Beginning May 20th, 2013 you can pre-order SHIELD direct from Nvidia for gamers following SHIELD via Notify Me list. It will be available for $350 to those in the United States and Canada...Read More »

New iPhone, iPhone 5S or iPhone6

Latest story It’s been a couple of months since we looked at rumours surrounding this years new iPhone. There’s still no official announcement on the name, features or a release date but we do have some new rumors ahead of the Apple WWDC 2013 set for June 10-14th. After soaking up the latest...Read More »

Dekko Real World Operating System

Latest story Dekko have announced radical plans to create what they have termed a real world (augmented reality) operating system for mobile devices. Dekko is a new San Francisco-based company founded by husband and wife team Matt and Silka Miesnieks who previously worked at AR outfit Layar. Soon they hope to release...Read More »

Pixel Press: Draw It - Play It

Latest story Pixel Press is an interesting Kickstarter project project currently looking for backers. Pixel Press allows users to create their own game levels on a piece of paper using a simple starting template. By taking a photo of the design and a few tools a game can then be created. Levels...Read More »

GamePop Subscription Game Console

Latest story BlueStacks have just announced the release the GamePop subscription based Android game console for TV. BlueStacks have been busy bringing Android to the PC and Mac via the BlueStacks app player and it has become quite popular over the past few months. This announcement still comes as a surprise. If...Read More »

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded

Latest story Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards was first released in 1987. In October 2011, games publisher Replay Games announced a modern remake to include updated HD graphics, fully vocalized audio and would be released on various platforms including home computers, games consoles and mobile devices. Development...Read More »

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