Justin Bieber Shots of Me

Latest story Justin Bieber has joined an elite group of rich an famous by investing in the recently release ‘selfie’ app. Shots of Me by RockLive is looking to capitalise on the selfie market. If you didn’t already know the selfie involves taking pictures of yourself at arms length. Bieber is said...Read More »

Dead Trigger 2 Coming 23 October 2013

Latest story Dead Trigger brought us a AAA Zombie Shoot em up for Android and iOS. Madfinger Games have announced the the sequel Dead Trigger 2 will be released on October 23rd. This time the game will be freemium from launch which has provided a perfect balance for those wishing to play...Read More »

A Bad Apple and More Gear We Don't Need

Latest story September has been a busy month where Apple traditionally announce the new iPhone and competitors such as Samsung try to steal some of that thunder. First off on September 4th we got a look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Smart watch. The Galaxy gear will be a...Read More »

Android KitKat

Latest story Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean all sweet Android versions we’ve had a good guess at prior to the official announcement from Google. So it seemed that Key Lime Pie was a certainty? In an unexpected curve ball from Google the next Android version will be called KitKat after the...Read More »

New iPhones and iWatch coming Sept 10th?

Latest story The Apple rumour mill is at full tilt once again. A press event on Sept 10th is all but confirmed where Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone 5C. Beyond previews of iOS 7 Apple hasn’t launched any new innovative products and CEO Tim Cook...Read More »

GamePop Mini from BlueStacks

Latest story In May BlueStacks made a surprise announcement they would be releasing GamePop, a subscription based games mini console based on Android to compete with Ouya and a future Google offering. BlueStacks have just added to that announcing GamePop Mini. Over it’s bigger brother at $129 the Mini will be free to...Read More »

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Latest story Despite their short yellow stature, Despicable Me: Minion Rush has to stand head and shoulders above this summers Movie/Game Runners. In the Game you play one of former super-villan Gru’s unnamed Minions bidding to be ‘Minion of the Year’ proving your worth in a series of runner challenges. Yes it’s another...Read More »

Monster University - The Game

Latest story The Summer of movie tie-in games on mobile continues with Monsters University the prequel to Pixars fantastic Monsters Inc.. I must say the endless runner is getting tiring – get some imagination Disney! The Google Play version contains two games – Catch Archie and Toxicity Challenge. In Catch Archie players must...Read More »

Facebook Reveals Video Features for Instagram

Latest story Facebook today announced a new product in the form of video integration for their photo sharing app Instagram which they bought last year for $1 Billion. Such major new features are brought in with new version Instagram 4.0. The new video feature is functionally very similar to Vine from Twitter...Read More »

The Missing Sense of Smell

Latest story Our smart devices today are becoming increasingly immersive. Sure we can see and hear things. Google Glass and the likes promise a new tech immersion, but what about smell? What if you could smell you friends, a new recipe, a game or a movie. The ChatPerf from Scentee is a prototype...Read More »

Apple Introduces iOS7

Latest story With Apples WWDC well under way here we have it. The new look iOS! ...Read More »

Vine Released For Android

Latest story Vine for Android has finally been released. You can now go create, share and view Vine’s right on you Android device. Reviews thus far aren’t great, with users complaining of audio issues and lack of front camera support. It’s release lags some 5 months behind the iOS version which has...Read More »

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