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Forest HD Live Wallpaper

Latest story Dualboot Games, developers of the very popular Ocean HD and My Beach HD live wallpapers have recently released a new addition. The Forest HD live wallpaper takes us to a peaceful forest teeming with wildlife and natural beauty. You can interact with the birds and watch the deer gaze at...Read More »

Bird Flight Live Wallpaper

Latest story Have you every wished you could fly with the birds – now you finally can with the Bird Flight Live Wallpaper. Bird Flight celebrates the wonder of birds, each species has a different name for it’s flocking behaviour. One of the most stunning is a Murmuration of Starlings that appear at...Read More »

Plasticine Jungle Live Wallpaper

Latest story Did you ever play with plasticine as a child and make lots of wondrous creatures. Such loveable characters have never gone out of fashion as thanks to the likes of Aardman Studios productions and many similar children’s cartoons. Plasticine Jungle by Kolesov & Mikhaylov brings such characters to the home...Read More »

Zombie Attack 3D Live Wallpaper

Latest story The undead, why do they never die? The earth wasn’t enough, this time the walking dead have come to take over your phone or tablet Live Wallpaper. That’s right an angry, flesh eating zombie hungry for brains right on your home screen. Truly terrifying! In this Zombie Attack interactive 3D Live...Read More »

Toy Story: Andy's Room Live Wallpaper

Latest story The characters from Toy Story have been popular with kids and adults throughout it’s franchise. Who hasn’t imagined their toys coming to life. On the back of Disney’s release of Toy Story: Smash it! last week they have brought us an interactive Live Wallpaper. Toy Story: Andy’s Room promises to...Read More »

Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper

Latest story If you’ve had a bad day at work then you might want to try this. The Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper features a spectacular backdrop of storm clouds, lightning, and rain, great for blowing out the days frustration. It features full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching. It comes in a...Read More »

Amazing Live Wallpapers

Latest storyLive Wallpapers for Android have been around for a few years now, yet the majority of them disappoint and offering very little graphically or in interaction. Given the rich sensor input from touch, position and light levels most devices offer we deserve something astonishing. If you looking for awesome Live...Read More »

Glowing Neon Highway Live Wallpaper

Latest story TRON and its wonderful neon world is easy to fall in love with. Who hasn’t wanted to try a Light Cycle after all! In Glowing Neon Highway we can enter a TRON like world via our Live Wallpaper. Watch as you ride through a glowing neon highway right on your...Read More »

Neon 3D Live Wallpaper

Latest story Orbit stunning 3D neon sprite animations and vectors on your home screen. Immerse yourself in waterfalls, fountains, vortexes and portals of color. Beautiful and mesmerizing. Use touch gestures right on the home screen to alter animations. Pan/tilt, zoom, select, change speed and lock animations right from the home screen. Settings allow for...Read More »

Paperland Live Wallpaper

Latest story Paperland Live Wallpaper is a rich, characteristic live wallpaper for your Android device. It includes lots of settings, themes and scenes making it one of the most customisable wallpapers available. If you like original wallpapers, this is a brilliant app for personalising your experience. A fantastic paper cut-out landscape scrolls across...Read More »

Device Info Live Wallpaper

Latest story Device Info by Kurousa is a neat and nerdy Live Wallpaper that indicates various device information from your phone or tablet. Up to the second information on date and time play the biggest role, followed by CPU usage and history, battery level and internal/external memory memory. Sensors are also featured...Read More »

Shark Attack 3D Live Wallpaper

Latest story Be very afraid to dip your fingers in to your home screen with this stunning shark attack 3D live wallpaper for Android devices. Navigate your home screen in a finger ripping frenzy as the shark attacks touch points. Blood will be shed. Your going to need a bigger boat for...Read More »

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