New GameStick Promo Video

Latest story A new promotion video has just been released for GameStick. The launch of the new $79.00 microconsole the size of a usb stick has been delayed by a couple of months to but we should see it by summer early. You can pre-order GameStick now. ...Read More »

Google Glass Early Limitations

Latest story Some discussion has begun on about the current limitations of the Google Glass Developer edition and why Google has made it’s current choices. One Glass Explorer writes: As a developer I was excited about the concept of Google Glass, and could not wait to read the API specifications when they were...Read More »

HTC Sense 5 All The Changes You Need To Know

Latest story HTC announced Sense 5 along with the HTC One earlier this year. Based on Android 4.1.2 it’s expected to reach top HTC phones this year. The HTC Sense interface continues to evolve but has gained a love/hate following for consumers in it’s departure from stock Android feel. Talk Android have...Read More »

GameStick Update

Latest story Earlier this month PlayJam announced to project backers the release of their KickStarter funded GameStick micro console would slip by nearly three months. In a message to its 5,691 backers, the company explained the setback as falling victim to the success it had created. “The main production run has gone from...Read More »

Google Glass Now Shipping To Lucky Few

Latest story Those in the US lucky enough to be accepted for the Google Glass Explorer Edition won’t have to wait much longer for their hefty $1500 smart specs. Google has announced the first batch are complete and will be shipped hot off the production line. Glass Pioneers will be notified in...Read More »

Happy 40th Birthday Mobile

Latest story It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood thriller, on April 3rd 1973 Martin Cooper, senior engineer at Motorola made a call from the prototype DynaTAC in New York. The call was made to a rival colleague Joel Engel head of research at Bell Labs to announce “he was speaking...Read More »

OUYA Launches To Kickstarter Backers

Latest story The Ouya Android based games console has launched to Kickstarter backers. The rest of us will still be waiting until it hits retailers on June 4th. Ouya is looking to capitalise on a growing popularity of cheap, independently produced games at a fraction of the cost of traditional console games...Read More »

Jawbone UP

Latest story Jawbone UP have released the second version of their smart fitness wristband. Last year seen it’s launch just before an embarrassing product recall. With those problems fixed the company are adamant of success in 2013. The Jawbone UP can now be used with both Android and iOS devices. The Jawbone UP...Read More »

More iWatch Mockups

Latest story Designer Martin Hajek has done a set of mock ups of the Apple iWatch for the upcoming issue of MacUser magazine (via Gizmodo). He has imagined more traditional materials for Apple’s much rumored watch product using a scaled back version of iOS and is reminiscent of the sixth-generation iPod nanos. Edgar...Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4

Latest story Samsung has launched its new Galaxy S4 smartphone which allows users to control its 5in screen using only their eyes. At a lavish, Broadway-themed event in New York, the company also demonstrated the phone’s ability to take two different pictures at once. Analysts widely regard Samsung to be the biggest...Read More »

Project Shield From Nvidia

Latest story Project SHIELD is an Android-based portable gaming device currently in development by Nvidia. The 5-inch flip-up display supports multi-touch and does 720p. It’s powered by the company’s all-new Tegra 4 mobile CPU that features the latest in ARM processing. SHIELD can run Android games locally from internal storage. Additionally, an...Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumor Roundup

Latest story Samsung have been the only mobile manufacturer to equal the popularity of Apple iPhone in recent years. The Samsung Galaxy range has been a great success, the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 have both taken the title of ‘phone of the year’ in recent times. The company skipped MWC this...Read More »

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