Nexus 5 with KitKat Arrives

Latest story The Nexus 5 is here with Android KitKat is here and packing a fair weight on the feature front. With the Nexus 5 Google brings us another great phone, checkout the comparison with the previous iteration. On the back of Android 4.3, Android KitKat was a surprise announcement as well...Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Latest story Samsung may be attempting to take steal some of Apples September Thunder with a confirmed unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch on September 4th. The rumours continue to fly on features and specs. Feature wise we are looking at peripheral smart watch device as with Google Glass it will...Read More »

Arrival of the Moto X

Latest story We’ve had months of delays but finally the Moto X has arrived. Google purchased the failing Motorola Mobility last year which has struggled to deliver a smartphone to compete with those from Apple and Samsung. It’s been a hard year of restructuring to achieve a new flagship product. There have...Read More »

PROTAG: The Credit Card Sized Location Tracker

Latest story The PROTAG from Innova Technology is a BlueTooth based location tracker which can be paired to a mobile to allow you to track belongings when on the move. It is roughly the size of a credit card (3mm thick) and is thin enough to fit inside a wallet. PROTAG acts as...Read More »

GamePop Mini from BlueStacks

Latest story In May BlueStacks made a surprise announcement they would be releasing GamePop, a subscription based games mini console based on Android to compete with Ouya and a future Google offering. BlueStacks have just added to that announcing GamePop Mini. Over it’s bigger brother at $129 the Mini will be free to...Read More »

OUYA Hands On

Latest story I’ll start by saying I’m not a huge gaming fan. My gaming exploits have been limited to mobile in recent years and I’ve never owned a major console from Sony or Microsoft. I have tried these consoles and have a good understanding of recent state of the art. What brought...Read More »

The Missing Sense of Smell

Latest story Our smart devices today are becoming increasingly immersive. Sure we can see and hear things. Google Glass and the likes promise a new tech immersion, but what about smell? What if you could smell you friends, a new recipe, a game or a movie. The ChatPerf from Scentee is a prototype...Read More »

Focus: Overclock Your Brain!

Latest story continues the recent trend of sticking electronics on your head along with Melon and Google Glass. The company recently announced they will be shipping their tDCS gaming headset towards the end of July 2013. You may have read reports in the media over the past few months of studies...Read More »

Can't Concentrate - Try Wearing A Melon on Your Head

Latest story Biofeedback is gaining a lot of momentum recently with the Jawbone Up and Fitbit flex activity monitors now reaching market. The next frontier is the mind and a couple of companies are preparing mainstream devices for release this year. The Zeo Sleep manager has been around for a couple of...Read More »

Nvidia Shield Pre-Orders Now Available

Latest story Pre Orders have just been announced for Nvidia’s Tegra 4 Android powered handheld gaming system Project Shield. Beginning May 20th, 2013 you can pre-order SHIELD direct from Nvidia for gamers following SHIELD via Notify Me list. It will be available for $350 to those in the United States and Canada...Read More »

What We're Doing With Google Glass

Latest story It’s been a couple of weeks since developers started receiving their Google Glass Explorer Editions, so what have they been doing with it? And what do we think? We’ve compiled a series of videos below. Sadly none of the developers have been brave enough for some Sky Diving. Since we...Read More »

Stop Losing Stuff with StickNFind

Latest story Last year StickNFind launched an Indiegogo campaign to aid development of a tiny location tracker. They exceeded the initial $7000 goal a dozen times over and the StickNFind product is now available to buy online to everyone. StickNFind is a location sticker the size of a quarter you can track with...Read More »

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