World War Z Game Coming Soon

Latest story In just a couple of days we should see the release of the tie-in game to the World War Z movie starring Brad Pit and lots… of Zombies. The game is set for release on May 30th on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The movie is based on...Read More »

Warp Runner - Gaming Using The Real World

Latest story Warp Runner is a different kind of puzzle game using your device rear video camera to play. The character is trapped in the real world and we must help him escape by warping reality through a series of puzzles. The game uses Qualcomm’s Vuforia 2.0 Augmented Reality Platform along with...Read More »

Focus: Overclock Your Brain!

Latest story continues the recent trend of sticking electronics on your head along with Melon and Google Glass. The company recently announced they will be shipping their tDCS gaming headset towards the end of July 2013. You may have read reports in the media over the past few months of studies...Read More »

Nvidia Shield Pre-Orders Now Available

Latest story Pre Orders have just been announced for Nvidia’s Tegra 4 Android powered handheld gaming system Project Shield. Beginning May 20th, 2013 you can pre-order SHIELD direct from Nvidia for gamers following SHIELD via Notify Me list. It will be available for $350 to those in the United States and Canada...Read More »

Pixel Press: Draw It - Play It

Latest story Pixel Press is an interesting Kickstarter project project currently looking for backers. Pixel Press allows users to create their own game levels on a piece of paper using a simple starting template. By taking a photo of the design and a few tools a game can then be created. Levels...Read More »

GamePop Subscription Game Console

Latest story BlueStacks have just announced the release the GamePop subscription based Android game console for TV. BlueStacks have been busy bringing Android to the PC and Mac via the BlueStacks app player and it has become quite popular over the past few months. This announcement still comes as a surprise. If...Read More »

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded

Latest story Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards was first released in 1987. In October 2011, games publisher Replay Games announced a modern remake to include updated HD graphics, fully vocalized audio and would be released on various platforms including home computers, games consoles and mobile devices. Development...Read More »

Draw Something 2

Latest story Draw Something was a massive success just over a year ago for OMGPOP drawing millions of users in just a few weeks. So much so the popularity got the attention of Zynga who bought the company for $180 million. Thing’s haven’t gone well for Zynga since then due to several...Read More »

Iron Man 3 from Gameloft

Latest story As the Iron Man 3 movie approaches cinemas Gameloft have released the official game today for Android and iOS. The Iron Man 3 game is an endless runner fighting foes across Malibu Shores, New York City and China. Four epic villains must be confronted from the Iron Man comics: Crimson...Read More »

Fieldrunners 2 for Android Now Available

Latest story Fieldrunners 2 is available for Android starting today! We did a review a few weeks ago of the Beta version. We we’re a little disappointed to see it going in as a paid app rather than freemium. On the plus side this means no adverts or annoying limitations on game...Read More »

Cut The Rope: Time Travel

Latest story ZeptoLab have just released a new addition to the Cut the Rope series. In Cut the Rope: Time Travel the loveable adventures of Om Nom continue as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors candy. Expect the same physics action for phones and tablets, but this time round...Read More »

GameStick Update

Latest story Earlier this month PlayJam announced to project backers the release of their KickStarter funded GameStick micro console would slip by nearly three months. In a message to its 5,691 backers, the company explained the setback as falling victim to the success it had created. “The main production run has gone from...Read More »

Fieldrunners 2 for Android

Latest story Fieldrunners has been a very popular tower defense game for SubAtomic Studios on Mobile and PC, they followed that up with the even better Fieldrunners 2 which has been available via Steam and on iPhone/iPad for the past few months. Now the wait is nearly over for Android users as...Read More »

Mittens - New Game from Disney

Latest story Mittens is a new game from Disney recently released as an exclusive to iOS. Mittens is a physics-based puzzle game where you control Mittens the cat who wants to impress a girl. To attract the feline of his dreams, Mittens must traverses the city leaping over obstacles and avoiding cat-hating...Read More »


Latest story Epoch from Uppercut Games takes us to a desolate future civilisation patrolled by fighting machines. A long dormant robotic soldier is tasked to find the one human it was assigned to protect. You must follow echoes of the lost civilisation in a visually stunning post-apocalyptic world where only robots survive...Read More »

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