Clumsy Ninja

Latest story Clumsy Ninja from Natural Motion Ltd appeared in an Apple event earlier this year highlighting a few break throughs in intelligent character response. Now it’s finally available for free on iOS. Being an iOS exclusive I’m guessing Android users will have to wait for this one. Clumsy Ninja is the first...Read More »

Dead on Arrival 2

Latest story If you love a good zombie shooter then you’ll be glad to hear that Dead on Arrival 2 has just been released for Android. Survive the zombie onslaught as long as you can by tearing though wave after wave of the walking dead. Luckily there are custom built death-dealing weapons to...Read More »

Dead Trigger 2 Coming 23 October 2013

Latest story Dead Trigger brought us a AAA Zombie Shoot em up for Android and iOS. Madfinger Games have announced the the sequel Dead Trigger 2 will be released on October 23rd. This time the game will be freemium from launch which has provided a perfect balance for those wishing to play...Read More »

Grave Stompers Zombie vs Zombie

Latest story GraveStompers from Mad Menace Games is a 3D console style, 3rd person horror shooter. It’s been out for over a year now appearing in consoles as well as mobile, however it’s not gotten the attention it deserves. It’s a reminder of some of the gems hiding in the App Store...Read More »

Top Ten Best 3D Runner Games

Latest story Everyone loves summer movies and this years summer movies have loved endless runner games! Boy it’s getting crowded in here! Heres a quick top ten so far this year which may or may not have a major movie tie-in. My criteria here has been features and originality in this increasingly...Read More »

Tiny Thief from Rovio Stars

Latest story Tiny Thief from 5 Ants is the second release on the Rovio Stars label after Icebreaker which was released a few weeks ago. Tiny Thief is a point a click platform game where you must solve a series of interactive puzzles, this time without birds or physics. The story is set...Read More »

Pacific Rim

Latest story Want a PR boost for your game, then the best approach these days is to get someone to make a movie for you. This summers movie game tie in continues with Pacific Rim. In Pacific Rim the movie mankind battles against giant Godzilla like monsters by building giant fighting robots....Read More »

Ice Breaker a Viking Voyage

Latest story In May Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment announced the launch of it’s publishing initiative Rovio Stars. Rovio intends to give smaller labels a leg up providing final development as well as marketing assistance. The first game to be published is IceBreaker: A Viking Voyage from Nitrome Ltd. It is currently available...Read More »

Mad Catz Micro Gaming Console

Latest story Deja Vu, not another Android micro gaming console! Those devs will be working extra hard to support this lot. Just announced, Mad Catz who do a cool range of gaming peripherals are launching their own Micro Console. “M.O.J.O. is basically a supercharged smart phone with no screen that plugs into your...Read More »

OUYA Hands On

Latest story I’ll start by saying I’m not a huge gaming fan. My gaming exploits have been limited to mobile in recent years and I’ve never owned a major console from Sony or Microsoft. I have tried these consoles and have a good understanding of recent state of the art. What brought...Read More »

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Latest story Despite their short yellow stature, Despicable Me: Minion Rush has to stand head and shoulders above this summers Movie/Game Runners. In the Game you play one of former super-villan Gru’s unnamed Minions bidding to be ‘Minion of the Year’ proving your worth in a series of runner challenges. Yes it’s another...Read More »

Monster University - The Game

Latest story The Summer of movie tie-in games on mobile continues with Monsters University the prequel to Pixars fantastic Monsters Inc.. I must say the endless runner is getting tiring – get some imagination Disney! The Google Play version contains two games – Catch Archie and Toxicity Challenge. In Catch Archie players must...Read More »

After Earth The Game

Latest story Yes, yet another movie game tie in. This time Jaden Smith gives us his version of The Hunger Games in the action flick After Earth. The game tie in comes from Reliance Games. I’ve read a few reviews of the film now with separate references to the movie itself having...Read More »

Into The Dead - First Person Zombie Runner

Latest story Into The Dead takes us to a bleak future apocalypse where you are a sole survivor amongst a hungry horde of zombies. After a helicopter crash you find yourself in the middle of a field full of zombies. You must run and survive as long as possible dodging outstretched arms...Read More »

Fast and Furious 6 The Game

Latest story A summer blockbuster these days wouldn’t be complete without a tie-in mobile game. Fast and Furious 6 The Game attempts to take the mobile racing genre to greater heights. Join the Fast and Furious crew as they prepare to take on a series of jobs in an all new heist...Read More »

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