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Top Ten Best 3D Runner Games

Minion Rush

Everyone loves summer movies and this years summer movies have loved endless runner games! Boy it’s getting crowded in here! Heres a quick top ten so far this year which may or may not have a major movie tie-in. My

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OUYA Hands On


I’ll start by saying I’m not a huge gaming fan. My gaming exploits have been limited to mobile in recent years and I’ve never owned a major console from Sony or Microsoft. I have tried these consoles and have a

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Tunetrace: Turn Drawings into Music


If you’ve even seen a spectrum analyser, that squiggly line that can be used to visualise audio – you’ve no doubt wondered if the reverse was possible. Enter Tunetrace, an app developed by researchers from Queen Mary University London that

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Live Wallpaper Day Dream

Forest HD

The Daydream feature in Android 4.2 may have been missed by many. A Daydream is just an Android screensaver equivalent which is useful on some Android devices such as tablets or TV devices. Currently there aren’t many Daydream options available

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After Earth The Game

After Earth Game

Yes, yet another movie game tie in. This time Jaden Smith gives us his version of The Hunger Games in the action flick After Earth. The game tie in comes from Reliance Games. I’ve read a few reviews of the

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Fast and Furious 6 The Game

Fast and Furious 6 The Game

A summer blockbuster these days wouldn’t be complete without a tie-in mobile game. Fast and Furious 6 The Game attempts to take the mobile racing genre to greater heights. Join the Fast and Furious crew as they prepare to take

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Rando Photo Sharing For The Unsocial

Rando Discrete Photo Sharing

There are hundreds of photography apps listed on the app stores now centered around viewing and sharing photography. Rando aims to distinguish itself from others by making sharing simple and anonymous. The only rules are you must gift a photo

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Warp Runner – Gaming Using The Real World

Warp Runner

Warp Runner is a different kind of puzzle game using your device rear video camera to play. The character is trapped in the real world and we must help him escape by warping reality through a series of puzzles. The

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Universal Sounds with DJ Space

DJ Space

DJ Space is a unique take on creating music by using planetary orbits. Unique electronic compositions can be created quick and easy by placing a new planet (music sample) into an orbit. You start with a new galaxy of music

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Iron Man 3 from Gameloft

Iron Main 3 Game

As the Iron Man 3 movie approaches cinemas Gameloft have released the official game today for Android and iOS. The Iron Man 3 game is an endless runner fighting foes across Malibu Shores, New York City and China. Four epic

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