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Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja from Natural Motion Ltd appeared in an Apple event earlier this year highlighting a few break throughs in intelligent character response. Now it’s finally available for free on iOS. Being an iOS exclusive I’m guessing Android users will

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Halloween Pumpkins Live Wallpaper

Creepy Pumpkins

Trick or Treat – Creepy Pumpkin Time. Try this fantastic Spooky Pumpkins interactive live wallpaper for Halloween 2013! The Creepy Pumpkins are coming and can’t be stopped. Unlucky for them your powerful finger tap can destroy them in an explosion.

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Dead on Arrival 2

Dead on Arrival 2

If you love a good zombie shooter then you’ll be glad to hear that Dead on Arrival 2 has just been released for Android. Survive the zombie onslaught as long as you can by tearing though wave after wave of

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OUYA Hands On


I’ll start by saying I’m not a huge gaming fan. My gaming exploits have been limited to mobile in recent years and I’ve never owned a major console from Sony or Microsoft. I have tried these consoles and have a

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Discover the Best of the Web with Rockmelt


Once upon a time Rockmelt tried it’s hand at social-centric Chromium based desktop browser to search for content. Their browser emphasises social features relating to Facebook and Twitter. Users can tweet and chat with friends all within the browser. However,

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Facebook Reveals Video Features for Instagram


Facebook today announced a new product in the form of video integration for their photo sharing app Instagram which they bought last year for $1 Billion. Such major new features are brought in with new version Instagram 4.0. The new

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Yahoo! Weather Simple, Beautiful

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo have recently updated their weather app for iOS and it’s looking gorgeous. Last year weather apps were seen as a great area for potential, now there seems to many to choose from. Yahoo! Weather uses your location and combines

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Fieldrunners 2 for Android

Fieldrunners has been a very popular tower defense game for SubAtomic Studios on Mobile and PC, they followed that up with the even better Fieldrunners 2 which has been available via Steam and on iPhone/iPad for the past few months.

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Mittens – New Game from Disney


Mittens is a new game from Disney recently released as an exclusive to iOS. Mittens is a physics-based puzzle game where you control Mittens the cat who wants to impress a girl. To attract the feline of his dreams, Mittens

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Condense Twitter Timelines With Fynch

Fynch for Android

There are dozens of Twitter clients on the market now that perform much of the same functionality. A new client add on, Fynch stands out from the crowd by promising to deliver your timeline in a more intelligent way. Fynch

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