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Grave Stompers Zombie vs Zombie


GraveStompers from Mad Menace Games is a 3D console style, 3rd person horror shooter. It’s been out for over a year now appearing in consoles as well as mobile, however it’s not gotten the attention it deserves. It’s a reminder

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Tiny Phone People Live Wallpaper

Tiny Phone People

The Tiny Phone People Live Wallpaper allows us to watch the lives of small beings in their beautiful floating cottage in the sky. The live wallpaper shows their floating home in the sky with gorgeous graphics. The front of the

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

Galaxy Gear

Samsung may be attempting to take steal some of Apples September Thunder with a confirmed unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch on September 4th. The rumours continue to fly on features and specs. Feature wise we are looking

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Intelligent Ringer For Android

Intelligent Ringer

Ever missed a call or wished you never received one during a tender moment, then this may be for you. Intelligent Ringer first analyzes the ambient noise of your environment before setting the ringtone and volume. The app is simple

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Top Ten Best 3D Runner Games

Minion Rush

Everyone loves summer movies and this years summer movies have loved endless runner games! Boy it’s getting crowded in here! Heres a quick top ten so far this year which may or may not have a major movie tie-in. My

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PROTAG: The Credit Card Sized Location Tracker


The PROTAG from Innova Technology is a BlueTooth based location tracker which can be paired to a mobile to allow you to track belongings when on the move. It is roughly the size of a credit card (3mm thick) and

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Tiny Thief from Rovio Stars

Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief from 5 Ants is the second release on the Rovio Stars label after Icebreaker which was released a few weeks ago. Tiny Thief is a point a click platform game where you must solve a series of interactive

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Pacific Rim

Want a PR boost for your game, then the best approach these days is to get someone to make a movie for you. This summers movie game tie in continues with Pacific Rim. In Pacific Rim the movie mankind battles

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Neon Vectors Live Wallpaper

Neon Vectors

Neon Vector Space 3D animated Live Wallpaper with orbit and gyroscopic controls, please see the demo video below of this amazing live wallpaper. The Neon Vectors live wallpaper includes 19 stunning vector animations from a graphics industry professional, beautiful and

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GamePop Mini from BlueStacks

In May BlueStacks made a surprise announcement they would be releasing GamePop, a subscription based games mini console based on Android to compete with Ouya and a future Google offering. BlueStacks have just added to that announcing GamePop Mini. Over

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