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Nexus 5 with KitKat Arrives

The Nexus 5 is here with Android KitKat is here and packing a fair weight on the feature front. With the Nexus 5 Google brings us another great phone, checkout the comparison with the previous iteration. On the back of

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

Galaxy Gear

Samsung may be attempting to take steal some of Apples September Thunder with a confirmed unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch on September 4th. The rumours continue to fly on features and specs. Feature wise we are looking

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PROTAG: The Credit Card Sized Location Tracker


The PROTAG from Innova Technology is a BlueTooth based location tracker which can be paired to a mobile to allow you to track belongings when on the move. It is roughly the size of a credit card (3mm thick) and

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Discover the Best of the Web with Rockmelt


Once upon a time Rockmelt tried it’s hand at social-centric Chromium based desktop browser to search for content. Their browser emphasises social features relating to Facebook and Twitter. Users can tweet and chat with friends all within the browser. However,

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Facebook Reveals Video Features for Instagram


Facebook today announced a new product in the form of video integration for their photo sharing app Instagram which they bought last year for $1 Billion. Such major new features are brought in with new version Instagram 4.0. The new

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Live Wallpaper Day Dream

Forest HD

The Daydream feature in Android 4.2 may have been missed by many. A Daydream is just an Android screensaver equivalent which is useful on some Android devices such as tablets or TV devices. Currently there aren’t many Daydream options available

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Vine Released For Android


Vine for Android has finally been released. You can now go create, share and view Vine’s right on you Android device. Reviews thus far aren’t great, with users complaining of audio issues and lack of front camera support. It’s release

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Dekko Real World Operating System


Dekko have announced radical plans to create what they have termed a real world (augmented reality) operating system for mobile devices. Dekko is a new San Francisco-based company founded by husband and wife team Matt and Silka Miesnieks who previously

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Universal Sounds with DJ Space

DJ Space

DJ Space is a unique take on creating music by using planetary orbits. Unique electronic compositions can be created quick and easy by placing a new planet (music sample) into an orbit. You start with a new galaxy of music

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Stop Losing Stuff with StickNFind


Last year StickNFind launched an Indiegogo campaign to aid development of a tiny location tracker. They exceeded the initial $7000 goal a dozen times over and the StickNFind product is now available to buy online to everyone. StickNFind is a

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