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Intelligent Ringer For Android

Intelligent Ringer

Ever missed a call or wished you never received one during a tender moment, then this may be for you. Intelligent Ringer first analyzes the ambient noise of your environment before setting the ringtone and volume. The app is simple

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New iPhones and iWatch coming Sept 10th?

iPhone 5C

The Apple rumour mill is at full tilt once again. A press event on Sept 10th is all but confirmed where Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone 5C. Beyond previews of iOS 7 Apple

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Arrival of the Moto X

Moto X

We’ve had months of delays but finally the Moto X has arrived. Google purchased the failing Motorola Mobility last year which has struggled to deliver a smartphone to compete with those from Apple and Samsung. It’s been a hard year

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Pacific Rim

Want a PR boost for your game, then the best approach these days is to get someone to make a movie for you. This summers movie game tie in continues with Pacific Rim. In Pacific Rim the movie mankind battles

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Tunetrace: Turn Drawings into Music


If you’ve even seen a spectrum analyser, that squiggly line that can be used to visualise audio – you’ve no doubt wondered if the reverse was possible. Enter Tunetrace, an app developed by researchers from Queen Mary University London that

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Apple Introduces iOS7


With Apples WWDC well under way here we have it. The new look iOS!

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ScoreCleaner Notes Transcribe Your Shower Singing

ScoreCleaner Notes

A team of music researchers based in Sweden have developed a novel app to instantly transcribe a tune either sung or played into sheet music. This seems an useful tool for noting down shower time compositions. More importantly I’m sure

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Apple App Store Reaches 50 Billion Downloads

Apple's Billionth Download

Apple have been running a special odometer page in the run up to the 50 Billionth app download. Apple says that its customers have been downloading more than 800 apps per second at a rate of over 2 billion apps

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Photosphere Live Wallpaper


The Photosphere camera function with Android 4.2 was a wonderful addition allowing users to create the kind of 360 spherical images we enjoy seeing within Google Street View. With the Photosphere Live Wallpaper you can enjoy photosphere images on you

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GlassesOff an App To Improve Eyesight


In late 2011 Ucansi Inc announced GlassesOff an app to improve age related vision deterioration from Presbopia – farsightedness. The app has now been through extensive Beta testing and is due to be released soon. Presbyopia is a condition ubiquitous

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