Justin Bieber Shots of Me

Latest story Justin Bieber has joined an elite group of rich an famous by investing in the recently release ‘selfie’ app. Shots of Me by RockLive is looking to capitalise on the selfie market. If you didn’t already know the selfie involves taking pictures of yourself at arms length. Bieber is said...Read More »

Moves Activity Tracker

Latest story There are dozens of activity tracker apps and devices on the market right now all missing one important feature, simplicity. The Moves activity tracker app set out to achieve this. Simply open the app and get going. Moves with then automatically record any walking, cycling, and running you do. You...Read More »

Intelligent Ringer For Android

Latest story Ever missed a call or wished you never received one during a tender moment, then this may be for you. Intelligent Ringer first analyzes the ambient noise of your environment before setting the ringtone and volume. The app is simple to use with three settings: The app’s settings allow you to...Read More »

Discover the Best of the Web with Rockmelt

Latest story Once upon a time Rockmelt tried it’s hand at social-centric Chromium based desktop browser to search for content. Their browser emphasises social features relating to Facebook and Twitter. Users can tweet and chat with friends all within the browser. However, they were soon to change direction towards mobile curated content...Read More »

Facebook Reveals Video Features for Instagram

Latest story Facebook today announced a new product in the form of video integration for their photo sharing app Instagram which they bought last year for $1 Billion. Such major new features are brought in with new version Instagram 4.0. The new video feature is functionally very similar to Vine from Twitter...Read More »

Tunetrace: Turn Drawings into Music

Latest story If you’ve even seen a spectrum analyser, that squiggly line that can be used to visualise audio – you’ve no doubt wondered if the reverse was possible. Enter Tunetrace, an app developed by researchers from Queen Mary University London that can turn a drawing into music. Tunetrace starts with by taking...Read More »

Vine Released For Android

Latest story Vine for Android has finally been released. You can now go create, share and view Vine’s right on you Android device. Reviews thus far aren’t great, with users complaining of audio issues and lack of front camera support. It’s release lags some 5 months behind the iOS version which has...Read More »

Rando Photo Sharing For The Unsocial

Latest story There are hundreds of photography apps listed on the app stores now centered around viewing and sharing photography. Rando aims to distinguish itself from others by making sharing simple and anonymous. The only rules are you must gift a photo of your own to start, you will never know who...Read More »

ScoreCleaner Notes Transcribe Your Shower Singing

Latest story A team of music researchers based in Sweden have developed a novel app to instantly transcribe a tune either sung or played into sheet music. This seems an useful tool for noting down shower time compositions. More importantly I’m sure major music vendors will be kicking down the door to...Read More »

Universal Sounds with DJ Space

Latest story DJ Space is a unique take on creating music by using planetary orbits. Unique electronic compositions can be created quick and easy by placing a new planet (music sample) into an orbit. You start with a new galaxy of music with a large blank area of space. A range of...Read More »

GlassesOff an App To Improve Eyesight

Latest story In late 2011 Ucansi Inc announced GlassesOff an app to improve age related vision deterioration from Presbopia – farsightedness. The app has now been through extensive Beta testing and is due to be released soon. Presbyopia is a condition ubiquitous of those above forty. As we age the lenses in...Read More »

Crowdsourced Stock Market Advice With Robinhood

Latest story Robinhood is slick new social investment app recently released for iPhone by Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt. Both have previously excelled with their joint algorithmic trading companies Celeris and Chronos Research. While working here they felt they had found a gap in the market for consumer investing. The goal of...Read More »

Yahoo! Weather Simple, Beautiful

Latest story Yahoo have recently updated their weather app for iOS and it’s looking gorgeous. Last year weather apps were seen as a great area for potential, now there seems to many to choose from. Yahoo! Weather uses your location and combines their online forecasting technology with photos from Flickr. Using your...Read More »

Twilight Circadian Rhythm Control

Latest story If you’ve ever felt that stabbing pain in your eye balls when you pick up your phone or tablet late at night to check a notification then Twilight is an app to try out. Twilight goes further than existing auto brightness control apps by filtering out blue light from your...Read More »

Burner - Disposable Numbers

Latest story Burner, the disposable phone number service has just launched for Android. It debuted on iPhone last year as a paid app, but this version too has been updated. There are a whole lot of situations where a disposable number comes in handy, for example when selling online, dating or for...Read More »

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