Moves Activity Tracker

Moves Fitness Tracking

There are dozens of activity tracker apps and devices on the market right now all missing one important feature, simplicity. The Moves activity tracker app set out to achieve this. Simply open the app and get going. Moves with then automatically record any walking, cycling, and running you do. You can view the distance, duration, steps, and calories burned for each activity. The activity tracker is always on, so there’s no need to start and stop it. Just keep your phone in your pocket or your bag.

Moves Activity Tracking

Moves centers around a storyline menu that shows an automatic dairy of your daily movement. Firstly, steps and calories burnt are recorded helping you aim for a healthy exercise goal of 10,000 steps a day. Calories burnt are calculated for each activity and also account for idle burn. With GPS enabled Moves will record route taken for each activity and estimate your location such as work, gym or bar.

Moves Activity Tracker

The benefit of seeing your everyday exercise helps you make small changes that can lead to healthier habits. Moves also have a network of partners that have created extra features and integrated Moves with other apps. The best of these are listed in the Connected Apps catalogue. Read more at



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