Dead Trigger 2 Coming 23 October 2013

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger brought us a AAA Zombie Shoot em up for Android and iOS. Madfinger Games have announced the the sequel Dead Trigger 2 will be released on October 23rd. This time the game will be freemium from launch which has provided a perfect balance for those wishing to play for free and those who are hungry to progress and don’t mind spending.

Madfinger games have become a showcased for what’s possible the Unity game engine showing visually it’s every bit as capable as Unreal Engine. As with their other releases Shadowgun and Shadowgun Deadzone expect Dead Trigger 2 to stretch Unity to the limit on mobile. The first version looked stunning visually for mobile as we charged through the derelict city. Unity has also moved forward to a major new version in the past year and we look forward to seeing what Madfinger have done with it.


Some leaks suggest the game will include locations such as London, Shangai and the Middle East. Multiplayer modes have also been hinted with a hide out concept to defend with friends perhaps. Zombies not include a ragdoll mechanic so they die more naturally and expect a new AI so those beasties won’t take the same step twice. One screen shots suggest we will see chicken rockets – well that may even beat sharks with lasers…

We can’t wait to do battle with that gaint zombie monster! Here’s the trailer in the meantime:

Marvin Lancaster

Marvin enjoys playing games, especially with his friends. A beer or two has been proven to up his final score. He is mad about titles on Steam, games featuring Unreal Engine, and more recently his Kickstarter Ouya. When not immersed in the latest RPG indoors he plays games on his Samsung Galaxy S3 when out and about.

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