Grave Stompers Zombie vs Zombie


GraveStompers from Mad Menace Games is a 3D console style, 3rd person horror shooter. It’s been out for over a year now appearing in consoles as well as mobile, however it’s not gotten the attention it deserves. It’s a reminder of some of the gems hiding in the App Store when you look beyond the charts. It’s sharp comic horror style frankly blows away anything in the top 100 mobile games right now.


In GraveStompers we play Max who is intent on Zombie eradication, strange since he is a Zombie himself. The first of its kind, the GraveStompers experience combines monthly online comic releases as well as expansions to the game world where players can actually “Play” new experiences happening in the monthly comic’s pages. Continue the adventures of Gravestompers by reading the latest issue then get interactive, jump in and become part of the comic! His goal is to hack and slash through hordes of undead to save the town of Slumbering Cove. Arm yourself with high-powered shotguns, rocket launchers, chainsaws, and more! The armory is overflowing with weapons of all types! This game is for zombie slayers, horror fans, and hard-core gamers. GraveStompers also includes downloadable characters from famous horror franchises!


Although originally aimed at consoles this 3rd person shooter comes with intuitive touch-screen controls for Mobile. It has also made a recent appearance on OUYA. There are also a handful of unlockable characters, each with their own signature weapon. Max has his chainsaw, whereas Hanzo has a katana. Unlocking them is very straightforward – you kill zombies, you collect their bones. The more damage the character deals, the more bones you need to unlock. Enemy wise there is a nice variety to keep you interested. You’ll face off against standard shamblers, green goo-spitters, ankle-biters akin to the Murrer in The House of the Dead 2, big-ass dudes wielding axes and chainsaws, and many others. The more you progress, the tougher the enemies.


The greatest variety in the game comes from the weapon selection. Each character has a special weapon specific to them that raises in damage as you level up the player. Aside from that you will always have two other pieces equipped: a melee weapon and a gun. The melee choices range from a meager Tire Iron to a slightly more intimidating Femur Bone, to a deadly Spiked Mace. By the time you amass enough bones to get something better like the Hammer or Rogue’s Mace, you’d be much better off spending them on a quality gun or better character. If you attack them head on you will become overwhelmed very quickly. The best option by far is to stay far away. Zombie onslaughts are persistent and you will require fire power! The lock-on feature is invaluable against the waves, letting you down the enemies across the level.


Read more on the official GraveStompers site.



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