Top Ten Best 3D Runner Games

Minion Rush

Everyone loves summer movies and this years summer movies have loved endless runner games! Boy it’s getting crowded in here! Heres a quick top ten so far this year which may or may not have a major movie tie-in. My criteria here has been features and originality in this increasingly crowded genre. Most of these are available on Google Play and the App Store as freemium apps or for a small price.

Minion RushDespicable Me
The number one position has big boots to fill and is done so by lots of small yellow things. In Minion Rush you play a small Minion competing to be ‘Minion of the Year’ in this ace runner. Of the whole list it has the best use of runner physics and surprises along the way including Boss fights and secret areas to find. After playing it you can’t help feel it’s the best by a wide margin.DownloadApp_Store_Badge_EN-small


Cave EscapeCave Escape
This runner combines a lot of shooting bringing some originality. Health bars are a great addition as an alternative to instant death but you will need then as enemies really pack in fast for the kill. Expect some fast decision making with obstacles and path choice too. Great fun!DownloadApp_Store_Badge_EN-small


Iron Man 3Iron Man 3
The runner format for the official Iron Man 3 game did initially disappoint fans but the format of flying, dodging and blowing things up fits the film better than any other. Four villains must also be defeated. One downside is the large download size of nearly 1 Gigabyte. DownloadApp_Store_Badge_EN-small


Subway SurfersSubway Surfers
This one has been about for a while and is one of the first multitrack runners. Encouraging children to graffiti and run along railway lines doesn’t seem like it should be allowed in an app store. There does seem to be a persisting thrill of running between trains. Although, there is little variety between scenes this is made up for by the replay value in that each game feels completely new.DownloadApp_Store_Badge_EN-small


Temple Run 2Temple Run 2
The first play of Temple Run 2 kicks off with the rope slide to remind us things have some along some since the first version. Should you survive the first stages expect some underground rail action. There are also a selection of characters to chose from each with their own special abilities. Expect guest appearances also such as world record holding sprinter Usain Bolt!DownloadApp_Store_Badge_EN-small


After EarthAfter Earth
This one came as a big surprise considering the film tanked. The game has some great use of 3D, some unique interaction of it’s own, a bike thingy and a wing suit stage! There are even a few Boss fight stages but they are pretty lame without use of bullets.DownloadApp_Store_Badge_EN-small


Rail RushRail Rush
The limited track runner makes alot of sense when you are in fact trying to run along a set of rails. Fans of Indian Jones will love this one. Descend deep into the earth down through mine shafts avoiding breaks and obstacles on the track. There is some character selections too as well as a bunch of extras such as TNT, steam power and the all important second chance.DownloadApp_Store_Badge_EN-small


Rail RushCity Run 2
City Run again has a unique element of combining runner and shooter together be it with an auto-fire this time. As you run through the city streets and sewers you need to make a series of kills on the horizon before they block your way. There are also a fair number of evil bosses blocking your way. Much of the upgrades are focused on firepower that marks the most important point of play. DownloadApp_Store_Badge_EN-small


Monster UniversityMonsters U: Catch Archie
If you love Monsters Inc. then that’s reason enough to play this runner as you race to catch Archie the Scare Pig. There isn’t a great degree of variation beyond the basic runner mechanics which is a shame when it could be so much more.DownloadApp_Store_Badge_EN-small


Angry Gran RunAngry Gran Run
The original side scroller of Angry Gran was popular enough to warrant an upgrade. Gran has escaped the Asylum which probably explains the bizarre obstacles you’ll meet from aliens to giant fish. Whacky with a double handbag whack!DownloadApp_Store_Badge_EN-small


A few more runners worth checking out that didn’t make the list are Agent Dash and Into The Dead.

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