New iPhones and iWatch coming Sept 10th?

iPhone 5C

The Apple rumour mill is at full tilt once again. A press event on Sept 10th is all but confirmed where Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone 5C. Beyond previews of iOS 7 Apple hasn’t launched any new innovative products and CEO Tim Cook is now under pressure to push Apple forward. Analysts are now noting low expectations for the next iPhone as smartphone fatigue has set in across the industry. It’s looking like a very good time for Apple to update us on it’s iTV and iWatch products under development.


The iTV has been in the rumour mill for at least three years. The main problems blocking it seemed to be the luke warm reception Apple TV has had over the years, acquiring content from major networks and production of those large displays. Given the growth of other internet TV services from Netflix etc and dongle products such as the recent Google Chromecast, it’s now looking like an extremely crowded and competitive market place. Most customers already have a TV and won’t be looking to acquire a smaller much more expensive model.


The iWatch will be another year away as the company are continue to recruit and refine the idea. Apple have had an interest in sensors focusing on the ability to measure bio information in an non invasive way aimed at health and fitness applications. Samsung may well beat the iWatch to market with it’s the Galaxy Gear smartwatch we seen details of recently. Both companies have quietly been registering their respective trademarks globally. However, there doesn’t seem to be any rush from Apple to release the iWatch, a hazardous product depending on it’s delivery. Last month Gizmodo listed 17 reasons why the smartwatch wouldn’t work yet. Several companies now have smartwatch prototypes but were hoping to see something from Apple that will blow us away in 2014.


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