PROTAG: The Credit Card Sized Location Tracker


The PROTAG from Innova Technology is a BlueTooth based location tracker which can be paired to a mobile to allow you to track belongings when on the move. It is roughly the size of a credit card (3mm thick) and is thin enough to fit inside a wallet.

PROTAG acts as a wireless leash, alerting users via their mobile when valuables are left behind. The Smart Locator feature will display the date, time and GPS location of loss for easy retracing of steps. The Smart Radar feature will scan and tell users the distance and direction to the valuable, pinpointing the location for you.


PROTAG works in conjunction with the companion app in a three step process of slot, sync and secure. After placing the new PROTAG in a bag to be tracked use the app to search and assign the PROTAG to the item. Next assign the notification you would like to receive and set up is complete. Your belongings are now virtually chained to your mobile.

There are a number of scenarios PROTAG can be used:

  • Smart Alert: be alerted when belongings are left behind with the last know GPS location, likewise when leaving home.
  • Proximity Alert: be alerted when valuables are nearby, ideal when waiting for luggage to arrive.
  • GPS Tracking: if a mobile is lost it’s location can be recovered by sending SMS to the lost mobile.
  • SIM-card security: if the phone SIM card is changed the new number can be discretely captured and sent to a second phone.

Don’t let a lost wallet, bag or passport ruin your next holiday, protect and track your belonging with PROTAG.


Range: Adjustable up to 10m
Slim: 8.5 x 57 x 3mm
Light: 18g
Battery life: 6 days (charge via USB)
Charge time: 1.5hrs via USB
Supports Android and Blackberry devices
Supports up to 7 PROTAGs with one device

The Protag app is currently available for Android and Blackberry. An iOS version is coming soon.

The developers are also fundraising a new model the PROTAG Elite via Indiegogo starting August 17th 2013. The new model will feature longer battery life, online tracing and social tracking features. It will retail for US$69 with an early bird price of US$29, you can sign up for for more info at


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