Tiny Thief from Rovio Stars

Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief from 5 Ants is the second release on the Rovio Stars label after Icebreaker which was released a few weeks ago. Tiny Thief is a point a click platform game where you must solve a series of interactive puzzles, this time without birds or physics.


The story is set in Medieval times where our Tiny Thief must stand up to a world of greed and corruption to help the poor. In each puzzles we must use cunning and trickery to out-smart opponents from guards, dark knights to pirates and a giant robot. Levels are set over six epic quests each with it’s own visual style and charm featuring an awesome pirate ship and daring castle siege. Expect mind-boggling puzzles as well as lots of interactive surprises along the way.

Tiny Thief

The character is controlled with simple taps to move around. When he comes close to useful objects a little icon pops up allowing him to hide and pick things up. There are three mission objectives to collect in each stage, one of which is always a little ferret-like creature who pops up from his hiding place from time to time. Otherwise you’re hunting down specific items such as food and valuables before making your way to the exit point.

Tiny Thief

As with most of these games things start slowly to let you get a hang of it and rattle of a few levels to feel good about yourself. Things soon get more interesting requiring skill and cunning to outsmart opponets using surprise and downright sneakiness.



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