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We launched our Neon Live Wallpapers back in January, however things didn’t go as hoped. Reviews we’re not favorable and it seemed people just didn’t dig it. We pulled these versions and took a long hard look at what was missing.

The biggest problem seemed to be the need for a point of reference to appreciate the 3D animations fully so we added a ground, sky and horizon elements. Touching the screen to move the animations also didn’t feel right. Impressed with the use of gyro controls in a few of the market live wallpapers we decided this was a must have killer feature! We plodded forward through some tricky integration but finally got there with a functioning mix of gyro and touch together.

Finally, splitting versions between a free and full version seemed like a big off ramp for users to upgrade to the full experience. It was also becoming a real chore for us to support different versions of five or more Android markets and we we’re losing out on precious development time to work on new projects. After more engineering hurdling we got in app payment integrated so users can upgrade to the full versions easily.

We also came across other problems with our 3D engine we just couldn’t resolve. Months of work seemed down the drain and the bug seemed like the killer bug users we’re experiencing. Rather than abandon the project we decided to continue with the release while we find a lasting solution. Currently we have a start up dialog message to warn users of the problem before they experienced it – mind the wet paint. Fingers crossed the relaunch is more successful this time.



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