Facebook Reveals Video Features for Instagram


Facebook today announced a new product in the form of video integration for their photo sharing app Instagram which they bought last year for $1 Billion. Such major new features are brought in with new version Instagram 4.0. The new video feature is functionally very similar to Vine from Twitter which it will compete with. This time a short video up to 15 seconds can be captured. A camera icon is held down to take the video and released to pause capture or resume later. Individual snippets can also be deleted and re-recorded. Front and back cameras are supported. Of course it wouldn’t be Instagram without filters and the new video mode is no different. Instagram have include 13 new filters just for video.

Instagram video

What we hate most about mobile video is camera shake. Instagram have just made that a problem of the past with a new Cinema mode which performs post production video stabilisation. This seems like a killer feature over market competitors right now. A new cover image feature has also been added to select and display a video still. Users have full control over their creations for sharing with Instagrams other 130 million users.

It’s been a tough battle for video sharing apps fighting for the title “Instagram of Video”. With no major competition up to now the markets has been filled with dozens of poor clones. Last year SocialCam and Viddy took a massive hit after Facebook altered it’s search to hide stories from these apps. It was a clear move on Facebook’s future intentions after all. With Facebook and Twitter standing strong socially it’s not really a battle between Instagram and Vine since both have no need for each other. Check out this TechCrunch article if you’d like a quick rundown on the differenced between Instagram and Vine.



Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

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