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It’s been a couple of months since we looked at rumours surrounding this years new iPhone. There’s still no official announcement on the name, features or a release date but we do have some new rumors ahead of the Apple WWDC 2013 set for June 10-14th.

After soaking up the latest rumours I’ll go out on a limb and say expect an iPhone 5S in September with a decent spec bump, iOS7 and in some pretty colors. The rumors we’ve been hearing of wrap around displays, finger print recognition and flexible displays sound fantastic but in reality are years away.

The first sure inclusion in the next iPhone will be iOS7. We’ve been hearing lots about iOS7, rather than talking new features the biggest news is that of a complete overhaul. Previous versions have focused on a Skeuomorphism look and feel previously overseen by Scott Forstall. Jony Ive is now at the helm of both hardware and software and the redesign has moved away from skeuomorphism to what has been termed a “flat interface” similar to Windows 8. Yes, the horror! Those two terms have been liberally spread across the media. The truth is very little people outside Apple have seen the new design – so reaction awaits to be seen. The fact that Apple has pulled team members from OS X to complete iOS7 means there serious about shipping it with the next iPhone. Expect a redesign of the look and feel of existing stock apps that ship with the iPhone.

As we posted before, Apple aren’t quick to swap between form factors. Don’t expect an assortment of iPhone sizes. It took 6 iterations before Apple increased the size of the iPhone display. Mass production of those CNC milled Aluminium cases doesn’t come easy. The companies financial reports don’t shown massive spending on ramping up production of a new device as we’ve previously seen. We’re more likely to see the iPad Mini Retina or iWatch than a significant change to what is already a very successful product for Apple. The company has suffered a hype vacuum in the last couple of years since releasing the iPhone and iPad. The phone or the tablet weren’t anything new at the time either, Apple continue to be a great recipe company taking existing products to new highs. You might already own the next big thing from Apple.

Another rumor has been the budget iPhone, a larger device with a plastic case. Image leaks online and a supplier recruitment surge have stirred this further. The company has created several product tiers: Mac Book Air vs. Macbook Pro, Mac Mini vs. iMac, iPad Mini vs. iPad. Also lets not forget dozens of permutations of spec choice as well as the iTouch and iPod. So it looks like there may be room after all for an iPhone sibling. The company has been under pressure to deliver a device to emerging market – mainly China.

Regarding specs of the iPhone 5S we’ll definitely see 4G a faster processor, higher resolution screen and camera, such announcements are now so vanilla for the latest phone. Apple have also been a step behind regarding NFC and wireless charging. The inclusion of NFC and fingerprint recognition is a strong rumor.

Apple needs a little magic to stay ahead of Samsung currently given the success of the Galaxy range. The Samsung Galaxy S4 didn’t deviate too much from the previous models looks, instead packing in a few naff new features. Consumers will need both in their hands before they favor one over the other.

01/05/13: iPhone 5S with NFC and finger print recognition via
10/05/13: Supply chain grumbles, Foxcon, Sharp and Apple factories via

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