Pixel Press: Draw It – Play It

Pixel Press

Pixel Press is an interesting Kickstarter project project currently looking for backers. Pixel Press allows users to create their own game levels on a piece of paper using a simple starting template. By taking a photo of the design and a few tools a game can then be created. Levels can then be shared with friends. If you don’t draw thats OK, you can still enjoy playing other creations.


Pixel Press allows people of all ages and all skill levels to participate in the core principles of video game design publication (sketch, test, design, play, distribute) and share what they create with the world. The most difficult part of creating a game – writing code – is handled for you, so that anyone can enjoy the experience. Pixel Press is as much about playing video games levels as it is about creating them – everyone has the opportunity to play levels created by friends and the entire community even if they never want to create their own levels; without a doubt, the platform will be focused on great gameplay.

For those interested in taking the experience to the next level, the level builder allows people to be introduced to the video game creation experience in a simplified and easy to understand form – but built around a robust engine that will allow seasoned level designers, graphic artist, and audio engineers to collaborate to create unique video game experiences. Those who take the time to invest in creating a level will be rewarded through feedback from friends, peers, and the community. Once levels are submitted to the community, players can share, favorite, rate, and browse levels by various criteria. Gameplay will be enhanced by the competition of high scores, best completion times, and points earned through collective participation.

You can read more about Pixel Press on their website www.pixelpressgame.com. Be sure to back it on Kickstarter now if you love the idea!

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