Photosphere Live Wallpaper


The Photosphere camera function with Android 4.2 was a wonderful addition allowing users to create the kind of 360 spherical images we enjoy seeing within Google Street View. With the Photosphere Live Wallpaper you can enjoy photosphere images on you homescreen. Don’t worry if you don’t have Android 4.2 yet to create you own you can use photospheres other have shared through There is also a Sphereshare companion app available on Google Play.

The Photosphere Live Wallpaper is available for FREE on Google Play. It allows you to set your own Photosphere and make adjustments so that the wallpaper moves as the devices tilts. Should you not have Android 4.2 with Photosphere capabilities yet you might want to use an equivalent app or upgrade you ROM.


Justin Palmer

Justin is an Android advocate and currently owns a Nexus Phone and 7 Tab, preferring the clean Google flavour over Samsung and HTC clones. While not writing about he can be found hiking in the outdoors.

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