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Google Glass

Google Glass has been in the hands of developers for a little over two weeks and news stories have been coming in thick. The initial geek stigma has been overbearing with the new Glasshole term emerging. As we see Glass like products reach deeper into society our perceptions and acceptance will surely change. Look at anyone now owning a computer, tablet or mobile – do they look geek? Social boundaries for Glass already exist through existing camera, speech and computation devices. Taking a strangers picture or video is not OK without consent. Speaking on a telephone while having a conversation with fiends is still rude, as is pulling out your mobile to open up an app.

Robert Scoble has been exploring many of these questions with his own experience with Glass over the last couple of weeks. Robert stated Glass as significant enough not to live a day of his life without it. He hit home the point that Glass is very much based around Google services. Mike Elgam also hit on this point of the use of Google Now and Cards by that has been increasingly pushed out for anything from directions, weather forecasts to traffic and sports reports. Glass termed Glassware interact with the user in a similar fashion with a cloud backbone. A few apps have been released so for New York Times, RSS Feeds and Dropbox/Google Drive integration. Recent tear downs on Android have also shown integration with Android@Home which could provide more exciting Glass integration around the home. Rummors of a Google Smartwatch also seem less farfetched considering voice controls and app cards for small screens are already functioning withing Glass.


Mike Butcher did an article on TechCrunch summarising Google Glass as the new Segway. Glass is inappropriate many situations. Using voice commands suddenly cuts others out of conversation and in many situations would be rude. The screen is also in an uncomfortable position just out of direct sight with one user commenting on headaches. Google is already thinking of solutions for the screen HUD as seen a recent patent filling. Mike comes to the conclusion that Google Glass is incapable of being used socially by normal people and if far more suited to industrial applications or for emergency services.

Robert responded to the Segway comment on Google+ theorising on a friendlier price point for Glass $200-300 on release and features useful to everyone.

Google Glass

Venture Capitalist seem confident on a future for Glass. KPCB, Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures have joined together to form the Glass Collective with the aim of funding Glass startup companies. Semil Shah covered comments from six VCs on Glass. All see Glass as a stepping stone on reaching the consumer needs they want to.

Google Glass has been unlocked separately by Jay Freeman and Mike DiGiovanni and found to run feature full Android. The use of the cloud to run Glass apps seems very like a decision to relieve processing overhead on Glass and conserve battery life. Rather than frown on such a move Google’s Tim Bray seemed happy for developers to do such a thing. In fact the Glass kernel code was released days ago as open source to the developer community.

Wow, thats a lot of news. I’m sure this is exactly what Google wants so that they can shape the future of Glass.

Checkout the official Huffington Project Glass Board for the lastest news.

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