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It’s been a couple of weeks since developers started receiving their Google Glass Explorer Editions, so what have they been doing with it? And what do we think? We’ve compiled a series of videos below. Sadly none of the developers have been brave enough for some Sky Diving. Since we can’t see Glass directly in action it does make us wonder the validity of some of the other videos appearing online.

Robert Scoble has been a champion for Glass over the last few weeks on his travels. He’s been particularly keen on gauging interpersonal and public reactions to Glass. Robert has seen a mainly positive reaction for others with everyone keen to try it.


Tim Stevens has uploaded a series of videos of his first days using Glass. Videos range from going through airport security to riding a Ducati Street Fighter with Glass squeezed under the helmet. Several people have commented how great it would be if the camera tracked the users line of sight. At the same time first person head mounted video isn’t new, GoPro for example. Such FP video leads to very some very shaky video.


Henrik Nordberg has taken glass out on the road above Berkley CA. This could be one of few appearances as state lawmakers move to ban Glass while driving alongside using a mobile.


The most exciting so far is a stomach churning Roller Coaster video from Steve Lee.


The parodies have also arrived from Smoosh. As Google Glass arrives we need to define a new set of social etiquette. If using a mobile at the dinner table is considered rude how about wearing Glass in a public bathroom? Would that be OK? Are we drowing ourselves in information.

Dave Redpath

Dave has been passionate about apps before the term was even coined. He dreamt of a day all his photos could be organised onto one thin fondle slab and of weekends holidaying on Mars. One dream came true! While not scouring the web for the latest apps he develops with Android, Unity3d and Sencha Touch.

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