Stop Losing Stuff with StickNFind


Last year StickNFind launched an Indiegogo campaign to aid development of a tiny location tracker. They exceeded the initial $7000 goal a dozen times over and the StickNFind product is now available to buy online to everyone.

StickNFind is a location sticker the size of a quarter you can track with a smartphone with Bluetooth. There are loads of scenarios it can be used for tracking keys, remote, pets or kids up to a 100ft distance. StickNFind also includes a light and a buzzer for rapid tracking. StickNFind has lots of potential applications at a thin 0.98×0.16 Inches (24×4.1mm) weighting 0.15 ounces (4.5 grams). It has uses a CR2016 battery that lasts up to a year and is user replaceable. The companion app is currently available for Android and iOS devices with BlueTooth 4.0. On starting the app each sticker is paired with the device and allocated a name to track it.


The Radar screen can be used to show the distance to each sticker. Direction and height aren’t included yet so it’s necessary to loop around first to find the right direction. This is where the light and buzzer come in handy which can be activated by the app. StickNFind comes into it’s own as a Virtual Leash for baggage, pets and children. For Example, should your child be playing close by and leave the park or garden you will be alerted immediately. This also works the other way around as a Find It alert. If you are waiting for airport baggage, then a StickNFind on your bag can alert you when it is within range for collection.


StickNFind has only been released for a couple of weeks but sadly has seen some harsh reviews. The Android and iOS app had a few bugs that have now been ironed out. In particular StickNFind required BlueTooth 4.0 so please check your device specs before buying. The company also has another couple of products worth checking out, the Blue Tracker GPS locator and the MeterPlug appliance energy monitor.



Malcolm Wharton

Malcolm has been an engineer and tech writer for several years. He enjoys a variety of mobile devices from iPad to his Samsung Galaxy S3, he admits not straying as far as WP8. While not pawing over apps he can be found hacking the Rasberry PI and Lego Mindstorms to his own mobile masterplan.

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  • JAS

    Works differently than the time of purchase on the website written not with any Android 4.0 smartphone with bluetooth 4.0. I have tested it on multiple devices, without success. the support still could not create remedy after three months. Refund rejected. Now I have a worthless sticker for the garbage.

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