Draw Something 2

Draw Something 2

Draw Something was a massive success just over a year ago for OMGPOP drawing millions of users in just a few weeks. So much so the popularity got the attention of Zynga who bought the company for $180 million. Thing’s haven’t gone well for Zynga since then due to several game failures and loss of popularity. However, their looking to change that with Draw Something 2 and a tie in TV show hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

Zynga have been busy making improvements and created Draw Something 2 which is now available on iOS devices. Unlike other sequels that would be content with adding new words, OMGPOP has added a number of new features that encourages more sharing. Players can also finally save their own creations as well as the creations of others for later viewing.

For the first time, players can save their drawings in their own galleries and check out the work of other burgeoning artists and celebrities too. The game has a full spectrum of new tools and colors, allowing players to tap into the full limits of their creativity. There are new textures and patterns, like zebra, plaid and camouflage; and new tools, like an 8bit Pixel Pen, Sparkle Pen, stamps, highlighter, crayon and more. There are also more than 100 new vibrant colors. The new Free Draw option gives players creative freedom to draw freestyle and share their art with the world.

Draw Something 2

Draw Something 2 has the same basic principles as the previous edition but now has a refined interface and new features. New players can still jump in an enjoy the Pictionary styled game with other players or friends on Facebook. Themes are now more varied requiring in-game coins for payment to using them. Drawing has some new additions, in particular new stamps to apply textures and shapes, as well as sparkly effects and watercolor appearances to aid the artistically challenged. These all cost coins but can simply gained through regular sessions of the game, or through spending a few cents via the in-app purchase option.

Draw Something 2

There are also several new social features. Players can now share creations via an Instagram like news feed system. This provides a great drawing inspiration from featured artists. The gallery is enhanced by a free draw feature should you want to show off you drawing skills to others. The same flaws remain on having to wait for the other player to complete their move and low accuracy when using a finger. Draw Something 2 continues to be fun and hopefully users will keep returning for more.

Draw Something 2 is currently available for iOS as a Free and Paid app with an Android version coming soon.


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