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Mittens is a new game from Disney recently released as an exclusive to iOS. Mittens is a physics-based puzzle game where you control Mittens the cat who wants to impress a girl. To attract the feline of his dreams, Mittens must traverses the city leaping over obstacles and avoiding cat-hating enemies to collect items like milk and balloons.

The gameplay basically involves directing Mittens between two points collecting diamonds along the way. Mittens can’t be moved directly, instead the player has to move things in the environment around him. This involves chopping wooden planks he’s sitting on, cutting ropes, bouncing off wires and grabbing on to flying birds to move to the desired location, opening windows to bounce him off the wall, shooting him from a canon, etc. The game has over thirty such mechanics and even though the game throws several of them at you at once it never feels overwhelming. As with many of these types of games the initial levels are rather easy to appeal to all players. It’s only in the second world things heat up. Timing becomes crucial, mistaking a jump or a swipe means instant death.


The game characters, animation and set design all have the classic Disney hand-drawn look to them. Mittens in particular is very expressive. It’s style, as with the current crop of Disney games is clearly targeted at children, but adults should be entertained with the juvenile humor and cute visuals. Scenes are full of ambient sounds as Mittens crashes around as you would expect.

The game comes with three packs of levels, each of which has 30 levels with varying environments and mechanics. Out of the 30 levels, 25 are standard, with four being unlocked if you collect enough white diamonds in the first 25. If you collect the three red diamonds in each of these four levels, you unlock the extra difficult final level in the pack. Along with the three level packs, there is also an optional fourth pack with 30 additional levels. Unfortunately, it is a paid extra and you will have to fork out another dollar for it. This is a bit unusual as in most paid games you get all the levels as part of the price, including future ones. Still, $1 is not that big a deal to pay for extra levels, especially if you enjoyed the game.


The gameplay of Mittens does eventually get quite challenging and requires a lot of precision, in someways similar to Cut The Rope. Lots of mechanics are at work, which are a challenge in themselves to remember. It takes a bit of practice to activate each mechanic at the right moment. The game becomes quite enjoyable once you can master this. Mittens is currently available for iOS devices, no word yet on release to Android and beyond could be in for a wait.


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