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Epoch from Uppercut Games takes us to a desolate future civilisation patrolled by fighting machines. A long dormant robotic soldier is tasked to find the one human it was assigned to protect. You must follow echoes of the lost civilisation in a visually stunning post-apocalyptic world where only robots survive to fight a never ending war.


The game has been available on iOS since late 2011 and more recently available on Android. Built using Unreal Engine the graphics and game play are amazing but it has suffered some bad reviews in it’s lack of gameplay. The game contains ten short stages which the player is required to loop through these stages with increasing difficulty to earn more credits for armament. Each level involves a shoot out with increasing number of enemies. Instead of using dual stick controls the player in the game is assigned to a cover position and gestures are then used to control the player. Swiping R-L moves the player to another stance, up to shoot, tap an enemy targets them. The controls do make the game feel mindless, until levels get harder requiring a player to move constantly picking off targets.


Levels are interspersed with a post-apocalyptic storyline told through audio logs, newspapers clippings and other elements. It tells the story of a robot takeover and near extinction of the human race. Epoch will appeal to those seeking an AAA action title. It’s lack of dual stick controls doesn’t detract from game play, the gesture based controls make a nice change to this Third Person Shooter.



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