New Twitter Card To Promote Apps

Twitter App Card

Twitter has released and updated version of its Android and iOS client app with a few new features. As detailed on their developer blog, new card types are being introduced to close the loop between content creation, discovery and apps. New cards are now available for products, apps and galleries. These new cards will work similar to existing tweet expandable cards for summary, photo and video. With mobile app deep-linking, users will be able to tap a link to either view content directly in your app, or download your app, depending on whether or not they have your app installed. To enable this new feature developers just need to add a new set of markup tags in their content.

Twitter App Card

App Cards look a really useful addition for app marketing with Twitter. At this time app cards require special approval are are currently omitted from the validation service. If you haven’t tried Twitter Cards already the service currently supports Summary, Product, Photo, Player and Gallery types. You can create the neccessary tags using the Twitter Card Validator tool. This generates a set of Meta Content tags that should be added to the web content you want to share. For example, for a business product I wanted to market in this way I would add the tags to the webpage the content was on. When Twitter users share that URL Twitter automagically creates the expandable card for that product.

All card types now include app installs deep-linking by adding additional tags to the page. Developers can now specify download links within the tweet card if users do not have the app installed. For users with the app already, deep-links can be used into a resource within the application. When a user clicks on the “Open in app” tap target, Twitter will send that user out into your application.

Twitter Cards

Also, updates to the API now allow apps using twitter integration to include a link at the bottom. Users can then be directed the appropriate app store page to download the app. Early adopters on the developer side include Delectable, Etsy, Flickr, Foursquare, Gumroad, Jawbone, Path, Rovio’s Angry Birds, SoundCloud, Storenvy, Wine Library, and Twitter’s own Vine application. These are major steps forward for Twitter that will improve the app economy as a whole.

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