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Twitter App Card

It’s great news twitter has added a new set of tweet cards. Of interest to us were the app cards to promote our own applications. This new card looks really exciting showing the app icon, link, name, price, description and rating.

Sadly the app cards aren’t currently available for auto approval. We tried adding some mark up to one of our own product pages but the twitter validator service rejected it at this time. The code to add to your product page looks something like below. When users tweet the page the app card is automatically created.


App Install Links via Photo card

Since we couldn’t get the app cards, yet, instead we tried out app install links via a photo card.

Here’s a quick run through:

  • Using the Twitter Card Validator, select a card type and fill out all the fields in the general tag.
  • Be sure and click on the Mobile App Integration drop down and fill in all the fields there. If you don’t have that information just leave it as default.
  • Now click update preview to check the card.
  • Be sure the mobile app integration tab is selected when you grab the generated code, else you will get the wrong batch.
  • When happy we copy-pasted the generated markup into out product page on your site.
  • Remove any default tags for android/apple store not relevant to you.
  • Next validate the URL via the Validate URLs tab. You may be requested to authorise the domain.

Tweeting a link to our page now shows the picture card for the tweet below via the mobile Android app. BUT, sadly this hasn’t integrated as hoped we had hoped. Despite adding in the app urls there is no link in the card to the app at all, only back to the website page. It appears then the service and documentation still need a little work. We’ll keep working on this though.


We’ve not have time to try out deep-linking yet. Do let us know your own experiences?

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