What Are We Doing With Mobile?

What we do on mobile

Last week an interesting set of slides appeared on Business Insider taken from the IGNITION: Mobile conference that took place on March 21 in San Francisco. The deck was produced by Henry Blodget and the team at BI Intelligence, a research and analysis service focused on mobile computing and the Internet.

What we do with mobile

The research continues much of the trends we already know towards gaming and social networking. Surprisingly we are not seeing a tail of in PC usage as mobile continues to grow. The comparison of phones verses tablets is quite interesting. Global usage is dominantly towards games eating up the portions we see for social and utilities. Mobile still only accounts for 20% of commerce globally but doesn’t split that usage into business verse consumer.

Some useful insights:

  • PC’s still not in decline
  • Growth is slowing after reaching 50% market penetration
  • Older age groups using mobile less
  • Emerging markets China/India hold largest potential
  • Emerging markets are hurting Apple, consumers want cheaper devices
  • Mobile extends our digital day
  • There is a gap in ad spending to other media because of small screen
  • People spend more time on app than mobile web
  • Freemium is the dominant monetization model
  • Games represent 70% of highest earning iPhone apps
  • Android is the biggest platform of all, but apple dominates app revenue
  • Apple users are wealthier
  • Digital is now a four screen world: phone, tablet, PC and TV

The slides are well worth a read for app developers prior to developing and release of a mobile app. Statistics are in there for mobile using by world demographics, useful for targeting which age groups, counties and devices you should be aiming for.

You can read through the slides here: The Future of Mobile.

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