OUYA Launches To Kickstarter Backers


The Ouya Android based games console has launched to Kickstarter backers. The rest of us will still be waiting until it hits retailers on June 4th. Ouya is looking to capitalise on a growing popularity of cheap, independently produced games at a fraction of the cost of traditional console games for Playstation and Xbox. Even smaller handheld consoles such as Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s PlayStation Vita have many titles costing in the region of £30-£40. There has been a strong trend for mobile games downloaded from app stores to be considerably cheaper and often free. Developers are instead looking to monetize games with in game purchases and upgrades. The Ouya is the first major attempt disruption the TV home gaming industry. Even Ouya faces it’s own competition from Gamestick and the Valve Steambox later this year.

The Ouya will so far launch with 104 games, it’s also been announced it will launch with a Nintendo 64, SNES and NES emulation support so expect some old classics to be available. Developer demos of some of the games so far are scattered across YouTube, in particular Beast Boxing and Dead Trigger look like a lot of fun on the big screen. Techcrunch recently interviewed Julie Uhrman on Ouya and she gave quick overview the video.

09/04/13 – Due to demand the OUYA console has been delayed. The revised store date has now been now set to June 25 2013. OUYA has also opened a new $15 Million round of funding. EA veteran Bing Gordon currently on the board of Zynga will also join the OUYA board.
30/04/13 – Ouya to have streaming video support via a native app from a few major names, which could include the likes of Hulu, Amazon, Netfix and Google.

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