InMobi App Publish First Look

InMobi App Publish

It came as great news that InMobi are now offering an Android app publishing service that allows distribution across hundreds of appstores globally. InMobi App Publish allows developers to instantly submit apps to 130+ unique appstores in just a few clicks. App downloads and revenue can then be tracked across each channel. Allowing access to new users on stores with less competition should allow developers rapid grow in countries around the world. It’s absolutely free to use, and takes less than five minutes to get started.

So we gave it a go!

InMobi App Publish

We already have our free live wallpaper Shark Attack 3D pubished on Google Play, Amazon, Samsung, SlideMe and many more so we’re no spring chicken to app store distribution. We had a custom apk file ready to go without any existing app store links for upgrade, rating or advertising through existing stores. Registration and accepting T&C’s were very simple so we got underway.

InMobi App Publish

Prior to upload users are presented with some options, we assume these filter out applicable app store and ready follow up options. Do be honest here as the wrong information will surely lead to your app being rejected further down the line and more time spent fixing the problem.


After the APK is uploaded the manifest is used to filter out unsupported devices and app stores. Language support also has a part to play at this stage. The remaining supported stores are displayed. You can go on and select which store you would like to distribute to now. There may be a few that appear where your app is already featured so you can just leave them unselected.

InMobi App Publish

Next titles, categories, ratings, text descriptions and keywords are added, all an easy copy and paste from your existing marketing info. We did find the main description of less than 500 characters to be a little small.

InMobi App Publish

Image assets are added next… What appears is a daunting screen! And it is, this was probably our main soul ache with the service that image size were not converted automagically for each store. So best find a Photoshop/Gimp plugin or serve some strong Coffee to get though this screen.

After media submission the app is bundled for distribution. Remaining problems are reported that don’t fit in with the steps followed so far. The missing options are all right there and it was easy enough to work through this screen quickly.

InMobi App Publish

After one final submit and bundle the application is now submitted! All relatively easy work except the mind numbingly boring process of resizing and uploading the required imaged. All in all it’s unavoidable for each distribution store anyway. So unless media submission is replaced by a live preview such as AppSurfer then we are stuck with this necessary evil. In comparison to other major app stores app submission is just as simple. Hopefully that media page will see some improvements via HTML5, a simple drag and crop for each scale would have been so simple. Job done, we will update on how the distribution goes.

Please let us know how you get on by leaving a comment below.

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  • Steve- Construction Contractor

    Thanks for putting this together. Saw your link on AA.

  • Ryan Merket

    Great write up!

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  • Charles McLeod

    Nice write up, very fair and balanced and true!

  • Chris Jones

    InMobi isn’t the only one servicing this market. CodeNgo offers a self-publishing service as well with many of the same features (we actually were in beta long before InMobi). Our model is a little different but we’d love to get your feedback as well.

  • Jim Scott

    codengo charges per app so its a very different

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