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World Wide Maze

If you want to try a new game concept you’ve never seen before then head over to Chrome Experiments page and try their new game World Wide Maze. Someone imagined this might be a nice concept and got down to it.

The game is Google Chrome based and uses the website to create the 3D maze that will serve as the play area. To play you will need a PC/Laptop and an Android phone (not essential) both with Chrome installed. Chrome sync is used to connect the two devices, or you can use an alternative method such as scanning a QR code. For those without a smartphone, or without a smartphone capable of running Chrome, there are also keyboard controls if you must play. Basically, connect your devices, pick a website to play on and get going.

In the game you can roll/jump the Chrome silver ball around the various platforms created around the website banners and layout. There are also a few other cool features such as collectables, lifts and vortexes. It’s a bit like 3D pan and tilt Packman gone crazy.

World Wide Maze

Google notes that “World Wide Maze employs 3D graphics powered by WebGL” or put another way you need a computer with good graphics performance. The requirements note a computer with a minimum of 1GB of RAM and a graphics card with 256MB. It should be playable for most. So give World Wide Maze a try today if you have 5 minutes, it won’t disappoint. As with most Chrome experiments it may not be available for long.

Justin Palmer

Justin is an Android advocate and currently owns a Nexus Phone and 7 Tab, preferring the clean Google flavour over Samsung and HTC clones. While not writing about he can be found hiking in the outdoors.

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