Riptide GP 2 Teaser

Riptide 2

In a recent Android Thursday video segment Nvidia has released some new footage showing off Riptide GP 2 running on the Tegra 4 powered Project Shield. During the demo gameplay we get to see some of the enhanced water and particle effects, motion blur, and improved reflection shaders, all of which certainly makes the game look pretty nice.

The new game aims to improve on the popular Riptide GP formula by upping the number of competitors on each race to eight, and opening up the size of each race arena. The game will also feature more gravity defying stunts, and the ability to upgrade and customize the look of your jet skis. The bolstered up graphics will definitely help Project Shield stand out from tablets and other Android gaming consoles, like OUYA or Gamestick. This could just be an Android gamers new best friend.

Securing great looking and fun to play titles is going to be key if Project Shield is going to succeed not only over other Android devices, but also when it goes up against gaming giants Sony and Microsoft when they release their next generation of consoles at the end of the year. Of course handheld devices and living room consoles aren’t necessarily in direct competition, but Nvidia is going to have to continue to impress if it wants to persuade consumers to part with cash for Project Shield rather than high end tablets, and to stop them simply waiting for the next generation of living room consoles.

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