Project Shield From Nvidia

Project Sheild

Project SHIELD is an Android-based portable gaming device currently in development by Nvidia. The 5-inch flip-up display supports multi-touch and does 720p. It’s powered by the company’s all-new Tegra 4 mobile CPU that features the latest in ARM processing. SHIELD can run Android games locally from internal storage. Additionally, an it’s most interesting feature, the device can stream PC games either from Nvidia’s own GRID cloud service or directly from user-owned GeForce GPU-equipped PC’s running Valve’s Steam digital distribution service. Playing Android games is just like any smartphone where you download and play. What’s interesting is how PC games play. They are streamed from your home desktop running a 600 series (or later) Nvidia GeForce video card,or from the “cloud” over Nvidia’s aforementioned GRID cloud service. On paper it’s a powerful service.


Nvidia SHIELD will speak directly and fluently to Steam on your PC by way of WiFi or over 3G/4G networks. With Steam, game management is familiar and consistent. Steam is a digital distribution platform for games and software. It’s a free application that allows users to purchase and download games directly to their hard drive. It functions the same as the Xbox Live Marketplace, for example. Steam is also completely free to use and like Xbox Live and it’s “Marketplace,” both wield formidable social networking features for gamers like voice chat, video sharing, screenshots, join groups/communities, host events etc. Moreover, all of the security and options can be set on the desktop, through a smartphone app, or directly on Shield. Anyone with a SHIELD can easily and remotely tap into all that Steam has to offer. Get updates on the release of SHIELD here.

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