Zombie Attack 3D Live Wallpaper

Zombie Attack 3D Live Wallpaper

The undead, why do they never die? The earth wasn’t enough, this time the walking dead have come to take over your phone or tablet Live Wallpaper. That’s right an angry, flesh eating zombie hungry for brains right on your home screen. Truly terrifying!

In this Zombie Attack interactive 3D Live Wallpaper for Android you are trapped with a Zombie hungry for flesh and brains! An infection has spread across the worlds cities and now the walking dead outnumber the living. You are immune thankfully but trapped with an angry Zombie right on your home screen.

He wanders your home screen in search of brains. One fatal tap of your home screen will cause the Zombie to attack! One unfortunate soul has already been killed and has become Zombie food.

Not to worry you can fight back!

Tap the Zombie to punch him and swipe up to upper cut and knock him down. You can survive!

Tips for this Live Wallpaper:
✓ Drag screen with one finger to rotate around the scene.
✓ Get the Zombie’s attention with two finger tap, drag or set him to randomly attack.
✓ Following the above, get the Zombie to attack repeating the tap or drag.
✓ Tap the Zombie to punch or swipe up to upper cut knocking him down.
✓ Rotate around using small drags as not to change between home screens.

All very satisfying!

This Live Wallpaper comes in two versions: a free version supported by ads and a full version which additionally includes:
✓ Settings for attack duration, light level, camera orientation, audio.
✓ Sounds effects which are configurable as well as scene background sounds.
✓ Three scenes: Alleyway, Misty Forest and the Pit of Hell.
✓ Background sound effects unique to each scene.


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