GameStick Micro Console for $79

Game Stick

GameStick is a new video game micro console available for pre-order online now.

GameStick is an incredibly small micro console which plugs directly into a TV/Monitor HDMI post for operation. The standard bundle is priced at $79 and includes both the GameStick itself and white Game Pad which connect over Bluetooth. The online store also stocks a dock, case and additional controllers. The multi-functional dock can be used to wirelessly charge the GameStick controller, but also add additional storage up to 64GB, power the stick itself and also connect additional peripherals. Set at $24.99, it’s also equipped with one ethernet, one HDMI and three USB ports, which is particularly useful if you have a wall mounted TV and want to access the stick regularly. One of the GameStick’s unique properties is that it’s incredibly portable, so if you’re likely to throw it in a bag or move it to a new TV rather frequently, there’s also a protective case priced at $9.99.


The GameStick console, created by a company called PlayJam, started life as a Kickstarter project earlier this year. It managed to hit its $100,000 funding target in just 30 hours, eventually stopping at a grand total of $647,658 at the beginning of February.

The GameStick is an attractive looking device using the minimalistic white colour scheme adopted by both Apple and Nintendo for its consumer hardware. The 2-inch GameStick actually fits inside the controller for easy storage, although once it’s plugged into the TV all games are played up on the big screen.

So far the company says it’s working with more than 250 developers to try to create a wide catalogue of games before the system is shipped to backers in April. Games are built on the Android OS which GameStick uses under the hood. The menu and overall interface uses PlayJam’s Games Network – designed originally for Smart TVs – which currently supports developers including Relentless Software, First Star Software, and Disney.

The idea is that all of the games, just like on Android, will be very affordable and stimulate a much larger number of titles that are small in budget but big on creativity. The device follows another Android-powered video games console, Ouya, as well as other niche hardware such as the Razr Edge and Nvidia Shield. What with the muted response to the Nintendo Wii U, all of these products have a small window to try to attract consumers before Microsoft and Sony release their next major systems.


28/03/12 – Gamestick will come pre-installed with Shadowgun and Smash Cops.

26/03/12 – GameStick will be supporting XBMC when it launches.

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