The Simpsons Tapped Out!

In the The Simpsons: Tapped Out you run your own version of Springfield after a nuclear disaster trashes the city. The player builds it from the ground up, including houses, stores, roads and other fun knick-knacks that make Springfield such a fascinating place. As the town flourishes more Simpsons characters come to life, and with that comes the responsibility of having Simpsons characters perform certain tasks like making a snow angel, watching TV. This is a similar game style to The Sims or Farmville, so you should that should set right away if it’s worth you trying or not.

Every time a task is completed, the player is rewarded with money, experience points, donuts or special currency that can used for holiday-themed purchases. Money is the bread and butter of this game, as it’s used to make the town thrive. I wouldn’t recommend planning on having an entire Springfield paradise unless you’re willing to spend all your time on the game or throw in extra real-world dollars to speed up the process. Players also can share their Springfields with others, which allows them to collect more points and money for improving their own Springfields.

The best thing about this game is how well it encapsulates The Simpsons’ universe. There are plenty of in-jokes, hidden references and other nuances that will make this game a joy for anyone who calls himself or herself a fan. The game has seen a couple of seasonal versions for Halloween and Christmas so expect more. It keeps gameplay fresh and exciting, as there’s always new activities for The Simpsons to do, and new items to build.

However, there are some things to dislike about this game. The first would be the cost factor. While this game is free, there is virtually no way a player can do everything he or she would like without adding in some real-world money of their own. For those wanting to play for the sake of playing without “cheating” through in-game purchases, you’re going to have to work really hard to get Springfield up to its peak.

Another thing to dislike about The Simpsons: Tapped Out is its game reminders. If you have this game installed on your iPad, be prepared to keep it on silent whenever you’re not using it, because Homer is going to yell out something random to try and get you to check in and play again. I had this happen once or twice while at work, and it was quite embarrassing. I’m sure there’s a way to stop those reminders, but I haven’t found it yet. If anybody knows where it is, let me know!

So why not try the The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It’s a fun and casual game that doesn’t require much, so long as you’re content with having a city that’s not perfect.

via Beth Elderkin – iPad Insight

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