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Plume for Twiter

I need a Twitter app with power. Between multiple accounts, multiple devices, saved searches, and thousands of tweets to read through each day, I’m closer to being a power user than anything else. And the official Twitter client has always felt like training wheels to me.

Live-Tweeting Heaven

Plume cemented itself as my Twitter app of choice last year, when I was live-tweeting several talks at ACMI’s Game Masters Forum in Melbourne. I was following four columns as I did this — my timeline and mentions, plus the two hash tags in use for the event. I needed only to swipe between them, and Plume live-streamed tweets in all these columns.


Custom columns, live streamed.

I could also tap on individual tweets to see replies, and tap again to see the whole conversation. It also auto-completed tags and usernames for me, shaving precious milliseconds from my workflow as I tweeted as fast as I physically could.

There’s no way I would have been able to tweet around 400 times in hour-long chunks over two-and-a-bit days without a Twitter client as feature-rich as Plume. It let me keep abreast of multiple simultaneous conversations with consummate ease. I could never do that in the official Twitter app, or in TweakDeck, TweetCaster, or Carbon — the other Twitter apps I’ve tried.

All Together Now

Plume puts all of your accounts in one timeline. You can separate them, if you like, but I don’t want the mental load of switching back and forth. I realize that some folks might have vastly different purposes for each account, but my work Twitter isn’t all that unlike my personal Twitter — it’s mostly about games and technology.

I don’t need to compartmentalize beyond watching for who I’m tweeting (or retweeting) as, so the simple convenience of one feed to rule them all triumphs.

Tweaks Galore

The last of my big requirements for a mobile Twitter client matches precisely with my preference for Android over iOS. I like to make subtle adjustments to the look and feel, and to customize the behavior of advanced features.


A tinkerer’s dream.

So what advanced features and custom elements do I look for? Well, top of the list on an app that I’ll be reading on constantly is a dark theme. But not too dark — see, I don’t like white on black for reading. Plume’s blue-gray look suits my sensibilities perfectly, especially when you turn on the gradient effect to clearly separate tweets from each other. Beyond that, I need:

  • TweetMarker support since I use Twitter across multiple devices
  • An internal browser
  • Embedded image previews
  • An easy swipe-based navigation
  • Quick sharing to Pocket or Evernote
  • Automatic photo resizing because my camera produces large images by default
  • Both streaming and background syncing to refresh my timeline automatically
  • And fast tweeting capabilities — for reasons explained above.
Plume has all this and more.

Making Twitter less confusing.

And as a special bonus, the latest version offers a fantastic lock-screen widget. Now I don’t even need to unlock my phone to check my timeline or mentions, or to compose a new tweet. I love it.

Style, Power, Grace, and Flexibility

Plume wows me every day with how perfect it is for my needs. It offers every feature I could think to use, in addition to several more I may one day hold dear, and it presents my Twitter feed with wonderful style and panache. Most of all, though, I love the grace with which it adapts to the situation — it seems perfectly equipped to handle whatever craziness I throw its way.

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